One left in Totnes, and at last a pub I’d feel comfortable taking Stafford Paul in.

Despite the hanging baskets.

Proper Pub alert
Window seat

There must be some normal people in Totnes, I thought.

Sadly, they were all in the Seven Stars paying £4.35 a pint, and missing out on the traditional values of the Albert, whose custom comprised an Old Boy and me.

And a sleeping dog.

Not putting much in the till

I’ll say trad. Mrs RM will say “old mans pub”.  We’re both right.

Bursting with character
Vintage billiards table

For the second time in 20 minutes, I fell off my chair when asked for the price of a pint.

Superkeg the new keykeg

No, not quite that cheap, but the pub’s homebrew was more than a quid cheaper than in the Seven Stars, and perfectly quaffable.

Rare sighting of Murphy’s, too

Not the only pub named “Albert”, of course, but possibly the only one to celebrate the man who wrote this classic 1981 hit that Mark Crilley may remember.


And if nice people (in Totnes), cheap beer and floral views aren’t enough, this is your last chance to pick up a copy of the Spring Ullage.




17 thoughts on “ALBERT

    1. Yes, but was the Superkeg Bitter and Superkeg Mild their own or from Ind Coope ?
      That price list is dated December 1970 which is the month Plymouth Breweries was acquired by Courage.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. P P-T,
      “Craft beer’s diversity problem: Too many white male hipsters”.
      I’m two-thirds of a white male hipster so if I shun “craft beer” that should help towards solving the problem.


      1. Yes, I will.
        And your recent reports remind me that I’ve spent all too little time in Devon, home of the Mudgies – just two hours in Plymouth last year but then I was on my way to the Bass in the Seven Stars at Falmouth.
        Maybe t’other Mudgie can let us know how distantly related he is to Mabel Mudge of the Drewe Arms and how long ago the cats, and Old Tom in particular, caused his branch of the family to move up to Cheshire.


  1. I feel like I’m letting you down, Martin, but this is the first I’ve heard of that song (and quite possibly will be the last!). The guys in the video certainly looked like the sort of folks I used to listen to though.

    Does Mrs RM tend to prefer a different sort of pub interior rather than the ‘old man’s pub’ sort?


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