Yes, the Huawei watermark has gone. What can it all mean ?

Back to Thursday night, which was busier than a New Year’s Eve in Maidenhead (I speak from painful experience). And rather more attractive.


What do you do on a Thursday night after a session on the Bass, anyway ?

Make a poor choice for your tea, that’s what.

Not you

Gog & Magog

A cosmopolitan choice on the Barbican, but of course I stumble into the Wetherspoons.

I couldn’t find that Spoons a second time

Actually, I really did stumble into it, tucked off Southside Street with a particularly lovely patio.

Moderate bar blocking. USE THE APP
Rather busy CAMRA corner

It’s not in the Beer Guide, so was a wasted pint really, but in the interests of research I took a seat and ordered a Chicken Korma. Yes, I must have been drunk.

Mangalorean ?

Goodness knows what I chose on the App, possibly Doom Bar, but a polite young man came over to kick me out inform me it wasn’t on, and offer me Citra instead.

Looks good

Well, there can be no better beer to go with Spoons’s approximation of a curry, I’ll tell you that.

Cool, rich and wet (NBSS 3+). Luckily the curry was only one of those.


  1. Much as I love the Citra, I came to the conclusion a long time ago in a curry house far-far away (in Leicester) that there are two options for journo-style beer-matching with curry. Water or Guinness. Much as I love the Citra (did I mention I like Citra), the last thing I want when my tastebuds have been kicked, albeit pleasantly, around a red-hot tandoor like a puffed-up paratha, is a beer that kicks your tastebuds around without so much as an apology. Each to their own though…

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    1. Here in Ireland anyone who drank Guinness in a curry house would be considered at philistine
      Or someone who comes from Kerry which is pretty much the same thing.

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