“New York, London (Gatwick), Powys, Lowick. Everybody talk about…my next tick”

With apologies to M, that was my July, starting at JFK Airport and ending on Offa’s Dyke, with stops on Hadrian’s Wall and the Plymouth Barbican on the way.

The usual month of contrasts in the posts, from dystopian Brooklyn,


to post-dystopian donner kebabs in Cardigan with Duncan.

Not as good as it looks, even at 11.45pm on a Monday

A great month, except on the 25th when the hottest day in UK history consigned me to a day at home, my first since 11 January 1982.


I’m strangely pleased I was at the epicentre of that record-breaking day, which is a bit daft as it’s clearly a harbinger of impending doom, or BRAPA, whichever is sooner.



Sixty-nine (69) new GBG pubs in July, and it would have been seventy if the one up the road from my mid-Wales B & B hadn’t been a Dolfor duffer.

That haul allowed me to complete North Yorkshire, Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, which is why my GBG map now looks like this;


I’m now at 91% completion, the first time I’ve passed the symbolic 90% GBG milestone.  Of course, it’ll be back down to 82% when the new Guide comes out.  Late.


Given the heat, the cask was actually pretty good in July, except in America. It’s no wonder the Southworths stick to the murk.

Murk.  And Lees.


Turn off the highlights of the World Cup Final, grab your popcorn, and enjoy this timeless clip of Duncan putting his glass down in Bangor.

BEST LOOS – The Cornerhouse in Chester.


PUB OF THE MONTH – The Railway in Loftus (top) is a modern classic for fans of Rising Damp.

In any normal month, the Poacher in Ide would have walked it with its quilted cushions and contempt for sausage, chips and beans.

A good start to Devon

BEER OF THE MONTH – John Smiths Smooth at the Mountain Daisy.  Of course.




How far can I push GBG19 before the new guide comes out ?

I’m looking at knocking the last two off on the Isle of Wight, finishing Lancashire mid-month and possibly adding Dorset and Somerset.

At the end of the month it’s the End of the Road in Cranborne Chase.  If I get a sunset as good as this one from the Yorkshire Wolds, I’ll be happy.







  1. My snout in the Cranborne Chase part of the world tells me Tisbury is now down to just two pubs – The Bennett Arms and The Boot Inn.
    When I briefly lived at the top of the hill I often spent my Saturdays working my way down with a pint in each pub and another pint in the same pubs coming back up.
    Saturday’s was a minimum of 10 pints.
    Happy Days

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved your version of M’s ‘Pop Musik’.

    91% completion! That’s really something, Simon can only look on in awe (though it may cause him to risk his health by adding more 8-pint days trying to catch up).

    Wasn’t sure if you were kidding about the “back down to 82%” bit– if not that is a heartbreaking thing to contend with. But you’re used to it by now, I expect?


    1. Simon is an inspiration to us, doing the Guide in pints and in fancy dress, too. He’s got 15 odd years to catch up with me and eventually Duncan, if Angry Babe doesn’t get him first.

      There’s typically around 400 – 450 new entries each year which is 10% do, yes, 82 % a good bet.

      Liked by 1 person

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