Our last day in New York, and Mrs RM reckoned we should do a museum.

My idea of a museum is either a provincial town one like Crewkerne, packed with 1950s cereal packets, or a Modern Art gallery with exhibits made from broccoli.

But the Met it was.


Matt and James despondency apparent

I cannot begin to describe how brilliant the Met is.

Here’s a model of BRAPA crossing the Humber to tick off the Spider’s Web in Grimsby (1,500 BC).


and here’s more Dylan, from the Play It Loud guitar exhibition that Matt described as “amazing“.  And it was.


Quite what James made of the styles on show in Camp was less clear.

As spotted by BRAPA in Wombwell recently

The view from the top floor café was so good I accidentally tripped over the safety wire, nearly destroying The Planets.

“Dad  !!!”

Would I have been barred from America if I’d destroyed the planets ?

We managed 3 hours, had a hot dog outside and then Mrs RM and I left the boys while we headed off to Greenwich Village.

The Ear

Prof Pie-Tin had given me a long list of must-see NY bars.

The Ear was the closest I got to a sense of being in a Proper Pub.

All human life is here. And more.

Tables you can sit at and just drink. Mexicans in hats. Screaming babies. Millennials drinking mineral water. And ears.


Oh, and Bass.

Proper beer

The plainest, and therefore the most exciting beer range of the trip, in the best pub.  If it was in Manchester, it’s be the City Arms. Inadvisable but unmissable.

Two of me if you look closely

No wonder Mancs rate it so highly.

True Mancs

Keg Bass isn’t cask Bass, of course, but it’s still Bass.


Here’s the damage.  In every sense.



  1. If you look even more carefully you can see someone in full ‘ffs, he’s taking a photo’ mode. I bet he thought you were american. I imagine the Bass was terrible, but then maybe it’s still brewed in a Union for export…


  2. > All human life is here. And more.

    Just checked in to see whether, or if, or when you would be UK based again. That photo caught my eye. Very nice.

    When will you be back in the UK ? This live blogging is superb. It stops you getting behind and the like, except when the blogger is blogging about something that the reader – guess that I am the blogee if you are the blogger – finds completely irrelevant.


  3. Might I remind you, that the first sprung clothes peg was invented in 1853, by one David M. Smith of Springfield, Vermont. He was an excellent violinist, and he found that playing always cleared his mind. It was on one such occasion that he conceived his invention.

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  4. There’s only one thing missing from the list of beers to make it truly feel like ‘home’…where’s the Carling? (Or would that be a cross border invasion too far??)

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  5. I’m genuinely delighted you made the Ear Inn.
    The first pub I ever went to in America the first time I visited the place 46 years ago.
    It holds a special place in my heart.
    For no particular reason other than it’s a great pub that has survived and avoided trends,fashion and the age simply by being itself.
    You walk in,take a stool at the bar,call a beer and turn to the feller next to you and start a chinwag.
    Over the years I’ve met multi-millionaire Wall Street types and the dodgiest of grifters in there.
    All of them loved the place because it was their local.
    The Ear has always been a great leveller.

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      1. Two years later Mudgie.
        It suddenly dawned on me there was a career where I could combine working and drinking.
        And get generous expenses for doing so.
        It worked out fine albeit not in the way I envisioned.


      2. P P-T,
        “combine working and drinking” – I only did that for one summer, working in a brewery.
        I’ve been privileged to know a few journalists over the years, all proper characters, and it’s a Fleet Street one who drank the most.
        I’ve done quite a bit of writing in my spare time and do so over a few days to get it right. The ability of journalists to write something ready for publishing straight away is something I admire..

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      3. Funnily enough Mudgie the writing is the easiest part of the job.
        The real skill is getting the facts to shape the story, often from people reluctant to let you have them.
        This is where the drinking comes in handy !


  6. Hate to say “I can’t believe you didn’t go to…”, but I can’t believe you didn’t go to the Ginger Man. Maybe next time.


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