There’s 47, 875 songs about New York, New York, but only one about DC *.

Yes, THAT Magnetic Fields, the ones who did a 69 song album.

You left me in the Ear wondering how we’d spent $53 in 2 hours.  Sadly, it got worse as Mrs RM demanded I take her to the Blind Tiger.

Hidden handpumps

Yes, there was Firestone Imperial Stout. Yes, there was free cheese and bread.  But there was also Mumford & Sons, over which I’ll draw a veil.

Up bright and early to catch the Bolt Bus from the banks of the Hudson to DC.

Washington 1

And a quick Chipotle (Chi-po-lay) at Union Station,


before heading out on the subway to Pentagon City.


Nice subways

The 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon is incredibly affecting.


Now I had no idea at all that DC wasn’t the 51st state (that’s us, as Matt Johnson told us in ’86).

And I certainly didn’t know that five minutes after leaving Union Station we’d be in Virginia.  I could probably have swum to Maryland.  US state boundaries are weird.

Pentagon City is like a high-rise, upmarket Milton Keynes; neat, tidy and packed with fashion shops.  With our arrival we shoved the average age up by a decade.

Even the wholefood store near our apartment had a little craft bar.


At Happy Hour you could have 16oz (ugh) of Citrus IPA for $6, so I did.


With the bonus of seeing the Lionesses ease past Norway at the World Cup.

Go Lionesses. 

The next day Mrs RM joined me to share a growler (ugh) for a tenner (top).  I think civilised folk call it a pitcher.  

Seeing Megan Rapinoe put the French to the sword was even better.



*There is another one by Parliament but that’s life.

13 thoughts on “WASHINGTON D.C.

    1. I’ll let Dick, Dave or Mark answer.

      Their beer tends to be toward thw Punk IPA strength and higher, and property and staff costs are high.

      And of course in the good old days the pound bought two dollars so those prices would have looked good.

      Perhaps someone can recommend a US state where I can get a (near) pint for $4.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What’s this “brexit”, Hereward? Do you mean secession from the European Union? A better portmanteau would perhaps be “Brecession” then, wouldn’t it? 😉


  1. I remember when the pound neared parity with the dollar and it was a long time before anyone had even heard of Nigel Farage.
    People have short memories.
    It is possible to drink cheaply in New York. You’ve just got to know where to look.
    One place that isn’t cheap but I’d really recommend is the ” secret ” bar at Grand Central Station which is in itself a fabulous building worth visiting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The reason the pound was so low against the US dollar back then, in 1985 – £1 was $1.09 – was not that the pound was weak, but that the dollar was too strong and the US government had to devalue its own currency, Prof, wasn’t it? Sterling is worse now than when our whole banking system was on the verge of collapse in 2007/8.


      (We ought to be flooded with US tourists, but Donald’s told them that they’re likely to get stabbed. He ought to fix Baltimore etc., if you ask me, with thirty-odd times the homicide rate of London.)


  2. Interesting – never been there. Liked the 51st State joke. The crash of the pound means everywhere is more expensive than it was to us as PPT says but the US seems especially so. The exchange rate is free museums to pricey beer by the sound of it.


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