Yes, no bandwagon too high for me to jump on.

This reminder of America’s urgent desire to send men to a place without a craft beer bar in 1969 was spotted on Nostrand Avenue, as we headed into Chinatown on Day 6.


From the photographic evidence, there’s no pubs today, probably a good idea after the excesses at the Blind Tiger. So feel free to move on to my next effort, which may or may not involve Draught Bass.

My family didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for strolling the streets of Chinatown/SoHo/Little Italy admiring the architecture in 32 degrees. Philistines.

Very Billy Joel

So we had lunch at Matt’s suggestion.ย  It was so good I may let him choose my pre-match lunch spot in future.

Best octopus since Croatia

If they were bored of SoHo, they weren’t much taken with the Flatiron Building or Grand Central, either.

Would be a good wedge shaped pub
Almost as good as the new King’s Cross

The boys left us to return to air conditioning and WiFi (even Mansfield has that !); Mrs RM bravely joined me on Madison Avenue, where I finally got to see The Carlyle (top) 31 years after Prefab Sprout immortalised it on “Hey Manhattan”.

Across the road in Central Park, we found “Proper” live music in Bethesda Terrace..

No Coldplay covers

Because I love you all there’s a little video.ย  The clip of “Daddy’s Home” will cost you a dollar.

Oh, looks like I did get out later that night, finally succumbing to the biryani carts on Wall Street.


This plate of loveliness cost six bucks.ย  You can survive New York on less than $300 a day.


But I don’t advise trying.


  1. I am starting to get the impression this whole NYC trip was undertaken for the express purpose of visiting places mentioned in Prefab Sprout songs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sorry again for the sporadic nature of my comments on your blog lately; I am at last done with my traveling for the summer, and you should be hearing from me rather more frequently in the days and weeks ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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