99/100 on RateBeer

On Day 5 I finally got the rest of the family out of The Brooklyn after 6pm.

Not because of my company or the promise of craft beer, but because Williamsburg has a giant Rough Trade shop.

The subway journey from Nostrand involved an exciting change half way at Broadway Junction.

Some of the cars in Williamsburg have clearly been imported from Havana.

Mrs RM and James enjoyed sunsets over Manhattan while Matt scoured the shelves for pre-post-hardcore.

Without success. But I did get told off for going in the “secret” door.

And, just for the Southworths:


US record shops will never run out of Dylan vinyl.

The views from Hurricane Point were the best of the week.


The boys were bored, and of course barred from the Williamsburg craft scene, so went in search of burritos.

It’s easier to find cask in Williamsburg than NOT find street burritos.

We walked to TØRST, which someone will now complain about the way I’ve written the “o”. (now fixed by copying and pasting the Ø).


99 on RateBeer, which is like getting the BRAPA pub of the month in England.

TØRST is no BRAPA pub.

Not bench seating

By a margin the most expensive beer I had in New York. Think Mikkeller Copenhagen.

No pints

That’s about £20 of beer just there. I didn’t need a plant pot though. It was almost worth it, though.

But the food wouldn’t have fed a pigeon, so we ended up over the road in Keg & Lantern with the Pixies and baseball from West Ham.

Typical bar
Beer Twitter loves out-of-date beer

And a filthy plate of nachos.

13 thoughts on “99/100 on RateBeer

  1. Great album and a very typical American craft bar. Pretty much sums up the craft experience. Is the ambiance anything you would go out of your way for? I mean obviously you did, but you know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Torst was just one long bar with serious drinkers seated along it, and a row of tables along the wall with folk like us.

      Not a place I’d go back to, more akin to a wine tasting event.

      Just to stress the point though, the “beer” was sensational, and beautifully presented.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lots of good beer being brewed, but we all know it takes more than that. It is interesting we have reached a point over here where everyone and their brother thinks they are a brewer. We are starting to get some really lousy beers on the market.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I did own that mono album. A good find. Actually my parents bought it, i just glommed onto it.


      1. Maybe it will replace “get” for the next generation, as “get” did “have”, when ordering food and drink?


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