Lots of posts from That America to come.  Or perhaps not ?

Every great journey starts at an airport Wetherspoons, doesn’t it ?


With a 6.30am flight to come, I didn’t fancy the drive to search for a long-term car park in the attractive part of Crawley, so I got a family agreement to take the train. A decision that would come back to haunt me 10 days later.

Still, 5 minutes out of the station and we were in the on-site Bloc Hotel.  And it was that quick; the nice man just asked my name and gave me a key card.  Only Travelodge are that quick.

Bloc don’t give you much space, but they do give you good WiFi and a view.

It’s a view, certainly

The idea is we fall sound asleep at 10pm, wake up at 4am and are at check-in half an hour later.

Do YOU fancy a beer in Wetherspoons ?”  Note the emphasis on YOU.

I didn’t, really, but after 27 years of marriage I knew what she was really saying.

Having a Spoons 30 seconds away is as good as staying in a Wetherlodge or whatever they’re called now.  It takes 7 years to get to the bar from the bedrooms in Bewdley’s George.

A reassuring view

I’m not sure what a classic Airport Spoons is, but I know the Beehive isn’t one of them.

Carpet a bit dull

The carpet is a bit plain, it lacks the hen/stag chaos of Stansted and it doesn’t serve Bass.

All quiet in Spoons

Perhaps it’s quiet as the last planes for the night will soon be boarding. Still, immediate service is a first.  AND they accepted my voucher, which brought a pint below £4.

Guess who had the Punk ?

Nice head
Nice lacings

Yes, cask is dead to Mrs RM (or vice versa). I think Punk in Spoons is one of the safest bets in a pub, but the Portobello was back to normal standards.  Cool, foamy, a long pull keeping it just below NBSS 3.5.  Best beer in Crawley then.

My last cask for 10 days ?  We’ll see.

NB Somehow, the food always tastes better at Airport Spoons, too. Even if it costs twice as much as in Barnsley.





  1. They had that Portobello “Central Line Red” in my local ‘Spoons branch last week. Wasn’t too impressed even at £1.99. Went onto Ruddles Best Bitter at £1.49.
    There is presumably a typographical error in your article when you suggest that a pint was four quid ?

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    1. – and I expect their other beers include District Line Green, Circle Line Yellow and Northern Line Black.
      On being served one of those short measure I would tell the barman “Mind the gap”.

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      1. Did you remember to add NBSS scores for all these exotic US outlets?

        I seen to vaguely recall chancing on a bearable cask offering in a brewpub in suburban New Jersey. But I may have been hallucinating.

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      1. I’ve used the ‘Pev’ twice so far this year and the Circus Tavern five times – and should be back there on Sunday 25th August.


  2. And “27 years of marriage” for me too, plus two months and thirteen days.
    During that time I don’t think Mrs TSM has ever asked “Do YOU fancy a beer in Wetherspoons ?” but early this evening she suggested going “round the corner” for a curry which was nicely washed down by two pints of the Banks’s we all know and love.

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    1. Oh yes, forgot the creaky floors!

      I reckoned the beer quality in Bewdley was as high as anywhere (Bathams particularly) and the town is magical, as Dick and Dave will know.


  3. Talking of Spoons we rang for a cab from the Totnes Brewing Company on Saturday night after the cricket ( six runs and dropped a catch at first slip since you ask ) and a top of the range Merc with fancy LED inside lighting turned up.
    Over the smooth ride to Dartmouth we got chatting to the charming driver who was running his fleet of cabs from his driving wheel.
    Turns out he has the contract to ferry around Timbo from his home in Topsham
    He couldn’t speak highly enough of the man and yes a lot of his work was turning up unannounced at Spoons all over the gaff.
    Anyhow, today is full recovery mode after yesterday’s excitement.
    What a bleedin’ game !

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    1. P P-T,

      Who wouldn’t want a “home in Topsham” within walking distance of the Bridge Inn ?

      “He couldn’t speak highly enough of the man”.
      Yes, as a Hackney carriage driver I would far rather take anyone – whether Timbo or a prisoner – a proper distance than making practically nothing from a shopper filling the vehicle with carrier bags for the two miles from the Asda to her home.

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