So, a mixed bag in terms of beer quality in Wales in May and June.  But the last tick really restored my faith in Wales, pubs, beer, the Universe, life itself.

Generations of Brummies have no doubt passed the humble Druid at Goginan en-route to Aberystwyth and Barmouth, sandwiches and Tizer in bags, missing out on the wonders of this Proper Pub with its window full of lovely GBG stickers.


You can trust a pub that was in the 2008 Guide

But only one group of Ladies Who Drink Mineral Water were in on this Tuesday lunchtime.

NOT Professional Drinkers

No food on Tuesday, which explains the limited trade, and I told the charming barman how impressed I was the Druid was actually open at all.  Cross into what the GBG calls “Mid-Wales” and see a different picture.  The happy chappy said they got a lot of local trade from the Valley over the car park, and it showed in the beer quality.

I was almost as impressed to see a Snack Menu Of The Day. Perhaps the cheapest pub food you’ll find in Britain, though I’ve no doubt Stafford Paul will know better.

Proper food

I’m a fan of these simple Welsh stone pubs, whatever some may think of scatter cushions.

Look at those awards
Bench seating

It’s the beer that can let down homely places like this, particularly when they expand into the evil keg.

Italian craft on the right


Spoilt for choice, I was, with that line up of Welsh beers.  The Mantle Moho had impressed in Carmarthen, and shone here.


I even got a half in its branded glass.  Cool, crisp, tasty, NBSS 3.5+.


And the Bangles on the Hi=Fi (possibly 8 Track).  What more do you want ?


14 thoughts on “GO, GO TO GOGINAN

  1. “Perhaps the cheapest pub food you’ll find in Britain”.
    Possibly but in the Bull and Bladder recently I think I paid £5.85 for two proper meals, faggots chips and peas which I only just finished and cheese and a onion whatever, nearly a baguette, and chips for Mrs TSM who took some of hers home.
    And I think Bathams Mild is £2.45.

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      1. Yes, a big bowl of the best beef stew ever and a bap/roll/cob for £2 in the Stile fifteen months ago was marvellous value.
        Coincidently I’ve not been to the Wolverhampton Beer Festival this weekend because if I had I wouldn’t have got there as I’d just carry on a bit further to the Stile instead, and of course also the Great Western after and before the train.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Two beer festivals last year, no more than two hours in each.
        Only one beer festival this year, again just a couple of hours.

        Liked by 2 people

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