No, not that lot. We’re just the secret society of GBG tickers whose rules are shrouded in murky DIPA mystery.

Duncan was telling me about other folk who are nearly as obsessed with the Guide as he and Simon are, but of course they don’t blog so they don’t count.

Duncan’s next tick was just up the road from the Sewin fish, as West Wales unveils its treasures to appreciative travellers.

You can see 87 GBG entries from this seat
Not sure what happened to rest of Dina’s body

The Freemasons Arms at Dinas Cross was not a highlight of our tour.

Oooh, Joe’s

When the A- Board leads with “Steakhouse” and then tells you what you can’t do you know where you stand.

In a pleasant looking but food focussed Welsh diner, that’s where.

Scatter cushion alert
Can’t beat a Caffrey’s mirror

We’re back to being the only customers in the Freemasons.

Rather than face a second coke in twenty minutes, I try a different tack.

“Can I have an ice cream”

“We don’t do ice cream”

“Oh. I saw the board for Joe’s”

“Nothing to do with me”

Duncan had a half of each #PubMan

That was the conversational highpoint.  My allowed sip of Gower suggested the beer was OK; Duncan reckoned I was cheating my way to GBG glory by now and started to prepare an application to get me kicked out of the Tickers Team.

Many of you will reckon this looks a decent pub.  Except Simon, who will immediately compare it to the Mermaid in Ellington.

Note advice on warding off Witches and Devils pinned to wall
More cushions than in my own house

In and out in ten minutes, £3.50 lighter but with a tick to show for it.

You’ll know where Duncan diverted us to next.


20 thoughts on “FREEMASONS

  1. Fine quarry tiles there, and I enjoyed your captions, Martin.

    I was reminded of a road sign, announcing the village of Taff’s Well, to which someone had added “good for him”.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, quarry tiles in the chequerboard pattern that’s an occult symbol for base consciousness and so often seen in temples and churches and on the floors of old lower class homes where it was a fashion design chosen for people as occult mockery.
        But why are they in black and red rather than the black and white commensurate with the pub’s name ?


      2. “…but according to your map, Dina’s Cross. I suppose that she would be, if all that could be found is her head.”



  2. “whose rules are shrouded in murky DIPA mystery.”

    Well, DIPA is known to be murky.

    And in that top photo; wasn’t that in an earlier post where you had to make a, um, pit stop? 😉

    “You can see 87 GBG entries from this seat”

    With the eyes of Superman perhaps.

    “Not sure what happened to rest of Dina’s body”

    I ‘dina’ know either. 🙂

    “Can’t beat a Caffrey’s mirror”

    Not even Bass?

    “Duncan had a half of each #PubMan”

    Shall we nickname him Alan?

    “You’ll know where Duncan diverted us to next.”

    Ah. A ‘pit stop’ from drinking all those halves. 🙂



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