OK, I’m not sure if they were all actual farmers, but it’s a better title than “Remote boozer that wasn’t actually in Llangoedmor near Cardigan“.


In Llangoedmor, says the Good Beer Guide.  With no WiFi, I knocked on all 373 houses in the village asking if they were hiding the Penllwyndu, a tactic that might have worked in Plush.

Have a look far right to see where it actually is.

In a different continent

Why isn’t it shown under Pantgwyn, you may wonder, as I did.

Then I just admired the beauty of the surroundings.


I arrived nine minutes after the 3pm opening, and resolved to find out what the artwork in the car park was.  I never did.

NOT 2 PLAN it says

As is always the way, it was already packed with blokes.

The two pubs that sprung immediately to mind were both in Hertfordshire, oddly.  The Plough in Breachwood Green and Brambles in Buntingford both exuberant simple ale houses filling up with farming trade mid afternoon (don’t they all work 25 hours a day ?).

Unlike Hertfordshire, they were nearly all speaking Welsh.

I was clearly the only person there who wasn’t in until 11pm every night, but like the lovely Welsh lads they are the group parted to let me see the pumps.

Quite I went for the local Cwrw (which I only now know means beer) rather than Hancocks, I cannot say.  Slipping.

Two pumps is plenty

BBC Cymru was showing highights of Saturday’s local rugby, presumably played in driving rain despite the heatwave everywhere else.

I couldn’t really stand with the locals and feign interest in Aberystwyth Wizards v New Quay Quinns or whatever so I took my cool, foamy beer for a tour of the pub.


I was going to give it a 3.5 but the pint seemed a little upset by that, so I’ll say 3.5+.

Lacings dying a bit
Proper seating

Lovely farmhouse feel, inevitable Bass tat, seat by the fire.  Hard to beat.

Yeh but no Bass
Can imagine octogenarian in that chair

Just shows, it’s not all beer exhibitions and gastropubs in the Guide.  Yet.


14 thoughts on “ME AND THE FARMERS

  1. “Remote boozer that wasn’t actually in Llangoedmor near Cardigan“.is actually the ‘B’ side to The Housemartins single Me And The Farmer…who’d have thought it? A great blog title deserves a great post and a great pub. Top work on all three counts!

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  2. “Why isn’t it shown under Pantgwyn, you may wonder, as I did.”

    It’s not polite to ask what is under a (lady’s) Pantgwyn. 🙂



    “NOT 2 PLAN it says”

    I was thinking they’d left the ‘t’ off of plant, which wouldn’t make sense as it looks like a potato; but it would make for an interesting conversation starter in the pub.

    “(don’t they all work 25 hours a day ?).”

    Yes, but with many small breaks. 😉

    “Quite I went for the local Cwrw (which I only now know means beer) ”

    Blimey. You’re right!

    “Lacings dying a bit”

    Due to the unseen heatwave no doubt.

    “Proper seating”

    As opposed to the farmers who were talking about proper seeding. 😉

    “Can imagine octogenarian in that chair”

    They do tend to feel the cold don’t they?


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  3. “As is always the way, it was already packed with blokes.” –This does seem to be a recurring theme, both for you and for Simon. Do you reckon the locals know that these places are actually open, to them, earlier than the official opening time?

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    1. It’s fascinating how often these places opening at 4pm are bustling when I arrive at 4.05.

      I guess they know when it’s open and enjoy the bustle rather than an empty pub. But I NEVER see them queuing.

      Bars in America never close, of course 😉

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