Just for the Prof, who quite likes the place.

And so do I. Last stop for me before Larmer Gardens and my annual fest, Salisbury is a good mix of pubs, stunning Georgian buildings,


a church unencumbered by scaffolding,

Mainly unencumbered

Ushers signage you can see while avoiding Trowbridge,

Proper beer

and a lovelier underpass than any in Cambridge.


First time here for a couple of years, as Salisbury has resisted micro and taproom mania quite successfully.

First time in a GBG Badger pub in years, too.

The New Inn looks very touristy.

17th century blue bin a nice touch

but feels more like a local for the choirmaster.


I reckon the welcome here was the cheeriest of the week, there ought to be an award. It’s those youngsters, you know, so optimistic.

A lady came in with some posters for a event, probably ferret golf, and the lovely barmaid acted as if she’d won a night out in Calne i.e. exuberant.

Yes, there’s a community notice board at the entrance. Don’t see those in Brunning & Pricey.

The Ferret was cool and chewy, an NBSS 3 of a beer, and no need for it to join the cascade of water coming from the plants outside.

Can’t say better than that in 2019.


  1. The blue bin outside is marginally better than the blue tubs inside, into which so many bar staff will smash prosecco bottles etc. these days. I had a stray glass splinter land in my beer on one occasion.

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  2. Pretty as a picture.
    And resilient.
    Novichock nerve agent,Russkie spies,Skirpals.
    It seems like lifetime ago but it was only March last year.
    I love the place.

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  3. Badger Ales – best avoided unless you don’t like any taste in your beer.

    I didn’t get the Mummified hand reference, but I once queued up to kiss the feet of Saint Gerasimos (died 1579) in the monastery on Kefalonia. I bottled it at the end but it was rather interesting as he is perfectly preserved, almost pristine, translucent creamy white, apart from the toes on one feet which are black from the annual kissing at his festival in August. They tried to burry him twice but amazingly he never decayed, so he was beatified and encased in a glass case, with a hinged flap to allow access to his toes.


  4. “stunning Georgian buildings,”

    And swanky to boot.

    “The New Inn looks very touristy.”

    Well, it is Salisbury.

    “17th century blue bin a nice touch”

    Probably still leery of using red or white as the roses fracas was still a sore point.

    “probably ferret golf,”

    Every time you sink a putt you drink a pint of Fursty Ferret?

    “Can’t say better than that in 2019.”

    Nor look any better. 🙂



  5. Salisbury was my introduction to England in 2011. I quite like the place and even enjoyed Badger at the New Inn. I am glad to have visited there but, after visits to just a few other places since, have found the beer much better elsewhere.

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      1. There are Proper Pubs in Salisbury, particularly the Hop Back ones and a couple of free houses. Decent Spoons too. Possibly not enough for your needs!


      2. I did like the Wyndham Arms but was not a fan of Hop Back ales. I should try them again.


      3. My position as well. The Summer Lightning apart, the beers seem a bit ordinary. Hop Back have done well to survive so long and still pick up a decent bit of free trade.


      4. “Possibly not enough for your needs” – but one pub is plenty in Banbury, one pub is plenty in Hereford and one pub would be plenty in Sedgley if I didn’t also like getting in the Bull Head.

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  6. I don’t think you should mock ferret golf when in Wiltshire as it’s very popular in those parts. It’s where the shout “in the hole” originated as far back as 1153, an ecclesiastical sport long before the existence of golf itself.

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      1. Foolish of me. Of course you’re right. There are so many ferret based sports it’s hard to remember everything about them. Confusing it with ferret snooker actually. Sorry.

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    1. Mock ferret golf is a game that I was sadly born too late for.
      “In the hole” nowadays is more likely to be having a go on the pool table if the pub’s not too busy.

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