What are those #PubMen looking at ?

I guess they were eyeing up my yummy Plum Porter at the Victoria, our fourth Rugby stop.

This was the longest walk of the day, a mammoth ten minutes out towards the former Bass stronghold of Hillmorton.


Ten minutes, and four excellent pieces of jaywalking from our Paul.

Focused crossing from Richard

The Quiz (occasional feature) today is to name a better wedge-shaped pub. The Baltic Fleet and Gorleston’s New Entertainer would be in the mix, to be sure, with the latter having the bonus threat of being mown down by two approaches.

Equally, pubs named after laughing Vicky are rarely duffers, are they ?

Cheryl  judges whether left or right turn is the way to go

Young BRAPA always mentions the trauma of choosing between competing rooms, particularly when there’s no obvious boozing/grazing split.

The Public looked a good choice to me, as I shouted “half a Plum Porter” to Stafford Paul.  Why do folk crowd the bar like that; anyone would think they cared what they drank.


This was the fourth straight pub with the Titanic nectar on the bar, as ubiquitous as Purity in Brum or Rebellion in a Bucks diner.

I really should have been on my fourth pint of the PP, but everything in moderation, including moderation.  Even a half pint was lovely, cool and rich (NBSS 3.5).

Lesser choices looked equally good.


Once the Famous Five sat down, we let the atmosphere sink in and quizzed the Coldwells on their recent trip to China.  Surely a future Beer & Pubs trip there.

Good view of the cricket, too

This was a highpoint of the day.  It wasn’t only “Just Like A Pill”, or the debate about Ted Bundy on the next table, or even the opportunity to see how Richard takes those award winning photos so surreptitiously.

No-one’s noticed you, mate

A Proper Pub. Again.

It’s all in the staging

As we walked out I sneaked a look in the best side.  Some may find this even better than the Public. But not me.




21 thoughts on “I SUCCUMB TO THE PLUM (PORTER)

    1. Dave and I had one at Bree Louise, Dec 2016. We may have had it more recently, but I will have to consult my lists. It is not one of my favorites. To be fair I should try it again.


    1. Black Friar in London is wedge shaped and a remarkable interior and exterior. Not great beer on my visit though. Thanks for providing evidence of how RC gets such great pictures. I have actually wondered how he did it. It had to be more than great cropping.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Wedge shaped pubs :

      The Baltic Fleet – not very good when I was there three months ago

      The Black Friar – an early theme pub

      The Brunswick – the world’s first railway pub. Not many people know that a sideways view of it inspired Nigel Gresley with his streamlined shape for The Mallard.

      – and that’s only a few beginning with ‘B’.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LAF,
      Not many people know that Neville Staples is a fortnight older than me.
      I remember some good beers in late seventies

      Liked by 1 person

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