The Pool Crawl goes on, though only halves at Sanctuary, my lone new Guide pub back at Lime Street.


More great architecture and kebab shops to admire on the way. Look at those skies over the Wigwam.

Be good when it’s finished
What happened to them ?

Paul had already visited the Sanctuary, tucked in opposite the famous Adelphi and this one.

Once a day is enough

And I was surprised he joined me for another in this self-proclaimed “Dive Bar, Drinking Den, Craft Beer Emporium“.

More gin

It had only just opened, so us being the only customers wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Good beer choice there


The centre of Liverpool has seen an average of 13.8 new bars like this opening every day, selling local microbrew and easing in and out of the Guide just to annoy BRAPA.

Sanctuary had three things going for it, apart from the company of Stafford Mudge;

  • A cheery, chatty barman/owner
  • Rhiannon” being played
  • My best Plum Porter this year.  OK, my only one, but it was NBSS 3.5+.

I was going to tell you the toilet art was classy, but sadly my close-up of the poster with “Fun” on it would get me a permanent WordPress ban, so scrunched up tenners and brown SAEs to the usual address if you want a photo of that one.

Russ gets his magnifying glass out

Anyway, enough Liverpool fun for now.  Either I was wobbling, or my phone was, as I squeezed in a flat white (£1.45 !!!) before hitting the fresh air in the suburbs.


14 thoughts on “PLUM PORTER IN ‘POOL

  1. The Wigwam -know as Paddys Wigwam back in the day -went on a school trip from Leeds where the naughtier element of school indulged in a spot of light shoplifting in the cathedral shop.Think it has a more PC nickname now !

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  2. “Look at those skies over the Wigwam.”

    I checked with my better half, and — to paraphrase a line from Star Wars…

    “that’s no Wigwam”. 😉

    “Be good when it’s finished”

    See! It’s just like Star Wars! 🙂

    ““Dive Bar, Drinking Den, Craft Beer Emporium“.”

    You’re beginning to sound like Guy Fieri from ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’. 🙂

    “and easing in and out of the Guide just to annoy BRAPA.”

    On certain days I think almost everything annoys Si. 🙂

    “Russ gets his magnifying glass out”

    With the missus away for five days all I need is my imagination. 🙂



      1. The handpumps numbered more than three ( they had to to get into the GBG ) and both days the Trooper drank well.


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