Last day in Scotland, for now. But I’ll be back, I’ll be back, tipping warm beer down the urinal and queueing for fudge doughnuts like the CAMRA hipsters.

For now, here’s some posts from the Cotswolds, rarely a great bet for beer quality if I’m honest, but then the pashminas and corduroys don’t come here for the Bass, do they ?

Typical Cheltenham slum dwelling

Actually, they’d only recently left Cheltenham‘s annual horse betting extravaganza (why don’t folk go to Dundee and bet on CAMRA Special Resolutions ?), which meant I had it to myself on a balmy lunchtime. Aparts from the locals letting their dogs attempt to lick me, of course.

It’s one of those English towns you never tire of exploring, always finding new little treasures, which is something you can’t say about Maidenhead.

What the Dickins


The Minster, apparently

The last three times here I’ve visited the Sandford (National Pub of the Year, craft), Wild Beer (craft, keg) and the Brewhouse & Kitchen (dishwater, booted out of the Guide), which tells you a lot about the changes in middle-England GBG world.

This year Cheltenham gets an ordinary pub in the Guide, which is about as high a compliment as I can pay.

Odd looking lunch

The Whittle Taps sounded quite crafty, but lunch offers and gentlefolk suggested otherwise.

Shameless CAMRA branch magazine placment

Of course, you don’t get street dining in Stoke (do you ?), let alone euphemisms like “Light My Rocket“, which I’m told actually means “Light My Rocket” in posh Gloucestershire.

Looks like that Spanish tapas chain

There’s a mix of diners in what used to be a Slug and Lettuce till someone thought that was a new form of hygiene rating. Frankly, the PubCo dining pubs are virtually indistiguishable these days with burgers and loaded fries, pizzas and brownies.

But the Whittle Taps has a curiously Old School beer range (ignore the keg).

All your favourites.  Except Purity

Pleasant service, unpleasant R’n’B, dull seating, decent Proper Job (NBSS 3) as you can tell from the lacings.

Pretty good

BRAPA will have much more fun in the Spoons round the corner when he gets to “G” for Gloucs in 2024.

Spoons café culture

Only the 3 flat whites for me, but the gentlefolk either side were keeping staff fully occupied with bizarre complaints about their steaks, both of which were sent back to the kitchen to be re-cooked.  What do people expect for £7.09 ?


    1. It’s a bit hoppier than the “boring bitter” taste that we both admire, but quite tasty (beer sommelier term there). If you like Oakham you probably like Proper Job but would be afraid to admit it.

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      1. After reviewing old posts I was thinking Banbury would be the suggestion. It’s too bad there aren’t many options because the area is good for getting to Heathrow.


    1. Oh, I don’t know. We spent a week in Cheltenham not that long ago, and the Montpelier area, with the Rotunda, The Beehive, Harry Cook’s, and so on, was distinctly cheerful.


      1. No, you can see them though, and people do flock from the hills. Broadway is quite a pubby village, and a good bet during quieter periods for tourism. Then there’s Chipping Campden, Moreton-in-Marsh, etc. The Cotswolds aren’t much of a place for towns per se, however.


  1. That bit of hazardous warning tape does little to mask what is quite obviously an insurance claim waiting to happen.
    Mind you that carpet is even more garish than the warning tape.

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  2. Not sure a beer range including Proper Job and Purity Ubu really qualifies as “old school”. Now, if you replaced those two beers with Bass and 6X it certainly would be – and Mr Crilley would be happier 😋


    1. Slight irony intended there, though both of those feel like they’ve been around all this century and at least look relatively familiar.

      Bass will be cutting-edge by the time LifeAfterFootball has finished his tour of Midlands boozers !


  3. Older school perhaps as both beers have been around for over a decade (probably longer but time becomes less distinct). Ubu is regularly sighted throughout midlands into Worcs and Gloucs. Nothing wrong with the pub but you did well to wring a post out of it (more than I managed).


    1. Yes. I nearly skipped it (and the next) but you never know when I might want to refer back to posts as memory fades.

      Purity, Wye Valley. Sharps and St Austell probably pop up more frequently in new Guide entries in the stretch below Brum to Land’s End than any other beers these days.

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  4. I’ve never understood why Cheltenham was built so far from the railway station but that’s probably why I’ve not been there often.


      1. Probably, but I got into the Cotswold pub there in June 1974 for my first ever pint of Wadworths.
        Not long until the 45th anniversary !

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