I found the smart side of Cheltenham easily enough in the morning; it’s always enjoyable strolling round Montpellier and there’s a bit of the ancient old town left though if you look hard enough.

More Montpellier

I was feeling very scruffy by the time I’d walked down Montpellier Street and the Royal Parade Mills, and the new Wild Beer Tap at Jessop House didn’t look like a basic local either, but I was keen to try their key keg.

It’s a bewildering choice, and it was slightly annoying to be asked what I wanted when I hadn’t got a clue. I’ve come across their beers quite a bit recently in Somerset, but couldn’t name any of them, bar the Saison I had in Bristol (it was interesting).

In situations like this I sometimes feel like just asking for a beer, but that might sound cheeky.  I went for a third of the Bibble, which may or may not have been the house beer.

All keg served by garden implements

It was excellent, aided by the lovely little Teku glass in the top picture. I’m not even sure if the rules allow me to mark it, as I’m not certain if it was key keg (it had a little bit fizzier than cask), but like 99% of people I don’t care. I could easily have wasted an afternoon going through the beer board. Service was very friendly.

Note use of beer barrels

It’s an elegant little place, but also full of decent seating.  At 11am I had a choice of rooms to myself, accompanied only by some classy George Benson c.1980.

An excellent addition to Cheltenham’s very decent beer scene. Like Slaters in Wolves and Purity in Brum, a small brewer has gone upmarket for their urban tap, and made a very fine job of it.


  1. If in doubt, ask for lout!

    It would be interesting to see what the response would be if you did just order “a pint of lager, mate!”


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