On to my last Lincolnshire Beer Guide pub, always a bittersweet moment. Something to do with the diacetyl, I guess.

Not a great county, for pubs or beer, but that’s not really the point of all this, is it ?

In Lincolnshire, it’s often about windmills.


This is Burgh-le-Marsh, a pretty village 5 miles and 5 billion light years from bracing Skegness, which I so enjoyed last year.


It’s now bypassed, so greebos from Grantham don’t stop and litter kebab wrappers on their way home from the coast at weekends, leaving Burgh bucolic.

Craft buried here

I wasn’t exactly mown down in the rush for the Bell Hotel.

How the residents want it
Note proper street bench seating

So what gets the Bell in the beer Guide, when, say, Manchester’s Hare & Hounds isn’t.

Perhaps it’s the George Formby night.

No Krakatoa

Or the ultra-rare pool/darts/jukebox combo.

OK. It’s not that rare at all but I’ve got to use the photo

Or the excellent collections of charity boxes.

National and local charities a good sign

Or the extensive range of beers brewed under a Skegness railway arch.

One beer is plenty

You can imagine how thrilled I was to see a lone XB handpump, though if I’m honest there’s been a few too many tired pints of Batemans over recent years. It was good in the Brewery Centre, mind.

And it was good here too, cool and fresh (NBSS 3+). And only Β£3, so a nice symmetry.

The Landlord was a jolly type, astonished I’m come from Cambridge on a Sunday just to visit his pub. Wait till Duncan turns up. The lovably nosey locals will be entranced.

With the bypass meaning little passing trade, and a taxi from Skeggy costing Β£15, trade comes late (10pm late) and locally.

The Landlord told us to expect a regular on the dot of 5pm for his pint of XB and packet of dry roasted.

On the dot.


17 thoughts on “THE 5pm PINT OF XB MAN

    1. I think they’re the same, just different shade and angle. If you want to see the same beer with different pump clips, there’s a Youngs pub in Bristol near the Cathedral with 4 Bitter pumps spanning the ages.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Dark Mild is the only one I’ve seen in a Spoons, and that was probably Grantham which is a high volume cask outlet. I reckon Batemans, along with Elgoods, Arkells and others, have seen a sharp downturn in average turnover per pump this century. Wonder why ?


      1. Do you ever find yourself wanting to like a regional brewery’s beer so much that you convince yourself to like it? I have an affinity for brewers like Batemans and am often favorable towards their beers. Kind of a weird backwards prejudice…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I guess so, probably more that I’m keen to find out if I can still find a good Bateman/6X/Arkells in a pub with high turnover.

        In 1997 I had a pint of XB in the Horse & Trumpet in Medbourne, Leics that was nirvana, NBSS 5 stuff. Never got anywhere near since, though I think the Bateman pub at the south wall in York is reliable.


    2. The Yella Belly is ohhhhhh-k-ish, but since the Hand & Heart was demolished in Stamford I have almost no reason to avoid their beers round here anymore.


      1. Good point. Stamford would definitely have had some high volume pubs selling family brewery beers 15+ years ago.

        Boston had some basic XB strongholds years back too.

        Genuinely intrigued to know if there’s any Lincolnshire pub selling more than, say, 50 pints of XB a day.


  1. “Something to do with the diacetyl, I guess.”

    (slow golf clap)

    Well done. A bitter beer with the buttery flavour from the diacetyl. πŸ™‚

    “Craft buried here”

    Blimey. Looks like the setting of a zombie movie or some such.

    “How the residents want it”

    All that’s missing is some tumbleweeds.

    “Note proper street bench seating”

    And Batemans! I have a soft spot for them from Michael Jackson’s Beer Hunter series.

    “Or the ultra-rare pool/darts/jukebox combo.”

    Could be tricky on a busy night.

    “National and local charities a good sign”

    Shouldn’t the blindness bear be wearing dark glasses?

    “Or the extensive range of beers brewed under a Skegness railway arch.”

    Pfft. Arch? It’s all railway crossings around there. πŸ˜‰

    “Wait till Duncan turns up. The lovably nosey locals will be entranced.”

    Or wait till Si shows up!

    “The Landlord told us to expect a regular on the dot of 5pm for his pint of XB and packet of dry roasted.”

    I can relate to that.


    PS – “but I’ve got touse the photo”

    Is ‘touse’ some sort of slang? πŸ˜‰


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