Greetings from Broughty Ferry, temporary home of the CAMRA AGM attendees, and also the Punx, on the way to the BrewDog AGM up in Ellon. Two cultures clash.

These are my freebies so far from the Punx, the Spoons, and the CAMRA.

Plus a nice set of audited accounts from CAMRA

You left me in Scunthorpe, where for old times sake I popped in the venerable Blue Bell.

One outside
One inside

I couldn’t be bothered to join the scramble for a coffee, let alone a beer, as I had a destination with what can only be described as “posh Scunthorpe“.


East of British Steel, with a Double Tree by Hilton, two “health clinics” and umpteen takeaways, plus an odd sprinkling of Art Deco.

Design classic


Nice font
Nice sign

The Red Lion, once visited by Cathy Price, manages to look like a “Sizzlin” pub with its offensive signage.


But inside it’s “trad dining pub with big space for the Carling lads to watch the Prem“.

Classic wallpaper

Actually they were all on Strongbow Dark Fruits, the Stella of the age.

I know you’re screaming at me now “Why didn’t you go for the Hop Back !”.

But when you’re in a pub at the weekend and no-one is drinking the cask, I say swerve the weird beer and stick to the Doom.

It was OK, 2.5 at best/worst, a paltry advert for the brand and real ale, which is doomed outside the specialist venues.

What did I expect ?

Nice head

I was scaring the Carling lads with my real ale, so I drank up and left.

Actually, I took the wrong turn into the kitchen.  You expect that of me.


11 thoughts on “DOOMED

  1. Oh I say,Geoff’s First Brew.
    I drank hundreds of gallons of that stuff when I lived down Salisbury way – surprised to see it so far away from home.
    You’re probably right though if it’s been in the pipes for a few hours.
    A lovely drop when it’s in form.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. PPT, I think you’ll find the beer is called Gilbert’s First Brew, rather than Geoff’s. It isn’t listed on Hopback’s website though, which is rather strange.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He’s right – schoolboy error.
        Especially as I once met John Gilbert.
        In the Haunch of Venison !
        He called in on the way to the station and the landlady was complaining to him about the beer – not sure if it was GFB or Crop Circle.
        He took one sip,exclaimed ” no bloody finings ” and got onto the brewery straight away to deliver a bollocking.
        I shook his hand and thanked him for getting me drunk so many times and reminded him of the time he was at GBBF wearing nothing but a one piece smock thing.
        A genuine 100% character and great brewer.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. All white.Down to his knees.Bare legs.Sandals no socks.
        Mind you it was a sweltering hot Olympia but a brave man nevertheless.
        He was more conservatively dressed when I met him in the Haunch of Venison,one of my favourite pubs in a city I like very much,but obviously well-refreshed as he was heading to the station and home.
        Top man.

        Liked by 1 person

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