My usual reflection on a particularly manic March and, unusually, some concrete plans for April.

Despite seventy (70) posts, and a week off pubs after Aberdeen, I still ended the month a week behind with this wittering (not the Sussex one).

As you’ll see when you look at the Great GBG Pinked Map (patent pending), some progress is being made towards the Holy Grail of GBG completion.

Spreading like a contagion into the undeveloped world

I’ve told you about completing East Yorkshire today, but Lincs, Gloucs, Herefordshire and Worcs all followed the next week. Don’t get too excited waiting for those reports, though Scunthorpe is always a highlight for you, I know.

Fifty-three (53) new GBG pubs in March, a bumper month but one which Pubmeister will no doubt sneer at in due course.

Trips to Aberdeen, Newcastle, Crafty Brum, Craftier London and Humberside were all great. Well, the beer sometimes wasn’t, especially in the villages, but the welcomes often made up for it.

Best beer came in three old favourites. The Euston Tap for Moor and Siren,


the Ilkeston Dewdrop for Abbeydale in an Oakham glass,

Fake advertising

and a drunken haze in Krakatoa. Talking of which,

Best Advice on Vomiting – Krakatoa, Aberdeen


Windswept beers were great. I think.

Aberdeen and the Grampian coast was a top trip, I even got to meet the legendary Scott. Some tired beer, sadly in 3 different Spoons, but one new classic in the Queen Vic.

It’s all about the pub, not the beer

And the Best Desk Calendar – Sushi Bar, Aberdeen


Away from the pub I’ve been a bit obsessed with the new LP from Julia Jacklin, of whom more soon. I know you can’t wait for my music reviews.

And I’m still wading through Deserter’s wonderful book on South London life.


Mrs RM’s new assignments haven’t yet given me any foreign trips, but she is based in Deptford some of the week, which must be good for a few “Deserter” style pub visits.

Tomorrow, it’s Dundee, for Fife Wetherspoons, fudge doughnuts and CAMRA AGM resolutions to readmit pubs that play Ed Sheeran to the Beer Guide.

Then it’s a trip to Buxton with Mudgie and Mudge, who have promised to only drink pints in the Buxton craft bar.

And after that, some manic tidying up around the south coast.  Might even finish the Isle of Wight. There’s no Rugby Union fans there, are there ?




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