Greetings from the luxury of my suite at the Days Inn, Michaelwood Services. Us pub tickers know how to live.

Rubbish WiFi, the biggest issue of the age, but I did get this;

NOT taken back for Mrs RM

BRAPA stays in Premier Inns, being flush, and I think Duncan sleeps in his car so he can afford the £16.70 half pints he raves about in his latest report (which I’m ripping off here). That’s almost as much as I was paying in Norrebro the other year.


I was determined to beat that cheapo effort, so headed to Mikkeller’s new bar in what I believe is called Hoxton, though my geography gets awfully wobbly here.

Old St All I know is that if I get too close to the Crown & Shuttle I come over all peculiar, but not in a Theakston way.

Sure I’ve seen him in Montmartre
Rare church not converted to hedonism in E2

You could walk past the George & Dragon and not realise it’s a Mikkeller, but the tables set up for moneylenders financing the shots of Danish wild ale at £6 a pop.

Nicer outside than in
None of your BBB favourites

It’s not Bass, but it’s wonderful stuff, particularly that Number 14.

I even got a table by the window, and enjoyed a seriously good sound system pumping out cutting-edge house music.  Well, actually, it was Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” and the remix of “Boys Don’t Cry“.

Only one person here was even born back in 1986, you know.




10 thoughts on “BOYS DON’T CRY (£18.60 / PINT REMIX)

  1. £18.70? Hipster bargain. If you can afford it I think it’s best to view drinking beers like that as the equivalent of a glass of fine wine, even in the how you drink it. Think you went in at a better time of day than me but enjoyed it nonetheless.


  2. Do you ever feel ,in a hipster pub ” I don’t belong here ” We do frequently but I don’t give a monkeys & our lad seems happy to accompany us although perhaps this is because we are largely funding the visit !

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