Next up was the Goose Island Tap. Unless you’re BRAPA. you have to be very careful with your blog titles here, so I’ve made this one abstract.

It’s a jolly walk down from Old Street towards Spitalfields past some of the most interesting modern development in the City.

Old St

Future micro pub (the one in the foreground)

I’m improving. I only bumped into 3 people. They all said “sorry” to me, this being England.

Campaign against vandal pandas ?

I knew immediately I’d picked the wrong day to visit the Goose.

Some wooden spoon competition was happening at terrible Twickers and England were spooning the Scots. 33 to nil, which sounds like a Manchester City Cup game.

Ra-ra-ra shouted the Lions.

Rugby folk

I couldn’t even see the beer board, let alone work out which was the most inadvisable one to go for.

Hoorah for the schooner

Luckily no-one was interested in blocking the view of the two apologetic handpumps. I ask you, who ever turned down a Jarl.

Rogue pint being pulled

It was pretty good(NBSS 3+), but when your last pints of it were in Staggs and the Laurieston you’re alwayd asking for trouble.

And it was the crafty keg I really wanted, with their goose heads saying “drink me, drink me, ignore the fact it’s £9 a pint”


Just then a space emerged,

I spy a space in the corner by the blackboard

and I parked by the beer board.

Everyone seemed to be drinking the bogstandard IPA, but you can get that in our Tesco Express. I went for the house brewed but still wonderful London Fog Bowl, and suddenly it all made sense (it didn’t).

New glass on me

Even the glass.

I convinced myself that the bloke next to me was “The Rock”,

Is this Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ?

prayed for a Scottish comeback that was never going to happen, and stepped out into Shoreditch.

Still 2 hours to kill. Where next.

Don’t worry, we will

9 thoughts on “33-0

  1. A pub full of the rah rah kick & clap brigade -we would definitely swerve that one although we did encounter one on holiday in Devon (always a problem during 6 Nations or whatever it is ) We sat well away from the telly & watched the sea -much more interesting (although Mr Tyke can be a Union fan on occasion,if there is nothing better to do )


      1. Agreed -we even got caught out in Fuengarola a couple of years ago although it was pretty stupid to go in an Irish pub for all sorts of reasons

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That “rugby folk” photo looks to be the most crowded establishment I’ve ever seen on your blog. But I gather that has more to do with the important game on TV than with the popularity of this particular place?


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