STILL 90 minutes ’till my gig at the Shacklewell.

I need a walk.


Oooh.  Actually in Dalston, never really been here before.

Walking the Kingsland Road.  Cue obscure 1979 Mod classic for BeerMat.

I actually have that LP.  10p it cost me.

More interestingly, here’s the screengrab from the Good Beer Guide app taken as I bump into those silly tourists who walk while looking at their phones.


Absolutely nothing to distract me en-route.  A GBG desert.

Of course, there are potential pre-emptives.  All Brewhouses & Kitchen will eventually spend a year in the Guide before they’re rumbled.

Amazingly an actual church, not a pub called church

But I make it to Dalston Junction unscathed.

Shiny, shiny

A look at WhatPub reveals the 40ft Brewery Tap (closed) and the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Café (dark and scary).

Typical Dalston pub garden
You thought I was making this up

Both of those will be in the 2020 Guide to annoy me.

I played safe with Farrs School of Dancing, quite a dull name by Dalston standards.


I don’t need to tell you who runs this, do I ?



Well, the Volden (big clue) is NBSS 3 at best, but only £3.30, and I warm to the unpretentious Antic interior.

Nice wallpaper

Just to show it’s Hoxton not Shoreditch, you get Now…..1983 here; KC & the Sunshine Band and George Benson.  I love the ’80s variety you get in London.

And this gorgeous view of the Eastern Curve Garden, suddenly looking alluring.


Darn, I’d forgot to eat again.


  1. At last, retiredmartin (and the pubmeister) leave behind North York Moors hamlets with pubs I’ve never heard of only frequented by local livestock, and record some with actual customers, in that London. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Personally, given my current limitations on ability to roam the country (or even county!), I much appreciate being able to vicariously visit all these GBG pubs and laugh at the feedback from the rest of your fan club. Many thanks & keep ’em coming.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. re this: “All Brewhouses & Kitchen will eventually spend a year in the Guide before they’re rumbled” — I’m guessing you said this at least partly in jest, but have you noticed lots of places making it into the GBG one year, only to be tossed back out the next? That seems rather more ‘churn’ than is necessary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Less in jest than you might think; the B & Ks in Bedford and Cheltenham were both dreadful and only lasted a year while the one in Gloucester is rightly still in.

      I reckon there’s a good 50 or so that get tossed out (officially “replaced by slightly better pubs”), most of which I’ve probably called out on here if they were new in.

      I notice Simon and Duncan tend to have similar takes on beer quality when we compare note at our bi-monthly tickers convention at Maidenhead Conservative Club (that’s an alias, by the way).

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