More new towns for me to explore, which is what this blog is all about really, There’s only so much fun you can get on your seventh successive annual trip to Bedford.

That epic train journey in full

You’ll be wanting to go to Forres” Scott had said in the Machar Bar, making it sound like the most exotic place on earth.

Nearly. Sadly, I didn’t have time to get to Findhorn Bay to not see the dolphins, but Forres is a stately sort of place, a bit like the well-built North Wales towns below the A55.

Sandra’s Home Comfort

I know at least one of you was gripped by the recent demographic analysis I provided for Gourdon; hopefully the one for Forres will not disappoint;

More dolphins than peoople

Just as with Accrington, this is a place known for its football team. My attempt to capture the glories of Forres Mechanics was slightly soured by the bloke telling me off as I took my photo at the end of the cul-de-sac.

A Highland League classic

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been perching on his clothes line.

Weird club badge

Two pubs for me, the first the “destination” dining pub.

In the case of the Mosset, the destination for an octogenarian birthday party, always the sign of a good all-rounder.

Possibly a pub for giants, given these weirdly oversized armchairs.


I weaved past party balloons to the bar, which was barely less geared for genteeldining but at least had a yellow piano (top). Make a mental note of that piano.

As pubby as it gets

At the bar, a notable beer range, but no barmaid. She was hiding behind the bar, clearly confusing me with York’s finest.

And they’re Scottish

The Old Boy at the bar had a coke and a soup (separate glasses), so I suspect my Windswept Hurricane was the first of the day.

Best looking beer of the day

It was very good, cool and chewy (NBSS 3/3.5). I wrote down “Characterless upmarket riverside diner” as if that was a bad thing, but actually this was just a more successful Ember Inn. Efficiently run, cheerful service and packed with midweek diners, if not lunchtime drinkers. Great stuff.

But never mind that. Just think how great The Castle must have been when it was live.



  1. I well remember Forres from a 1977 Scottish holiday when the Red Lion there with its McEwans 70/- was the ONLY Good Beer Guide entry above a straight line through Crinan in the west and Forfar in the east – yes, ONE pub to tick in the northern 55% of Scotland.

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  2. The Red Lion was a GBG fixture for many years, later joined by the Carusbrooke and the Royal though sadly not by the Castle. Can’t believe more people haven’t enthusiastically embraced the new demographic feature. I made a mental note of the yellow piano as requested. What should I do with it?


    1. The yellow piano is a test of your mental faculties, Duncan. Come back to this blog in a couple of hours. NB Should I have arranged an interview with the local paper (the Forthright Forres-ter) while there to promote my blog ?

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      1. Sadly my facilities are not what they were. Best I can do is note the Speyside brewery sticker and guess you had that beer next. You’ll be setting us Sudoko puzzles next.


  3. Something tells me the architect of that building didn’t envisage a big white-and-blue “Home Comforts” sign there on the ground floor. 😉

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Coca-Cola pump alongside the beer pumps on a bar over here in the States, though doubtless the company would dearly love to see that become a trend! Is it common in the UK?

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  4. “Sandra’s Home Comfort”
    I shall endeavour to be decorous.
    (especially after being chastised by BBM!) 😉
    “A Highland League classic”
    Is that a washing line in the foreground?
    “Rubbish overspill from Birmingham”
    For a second I thought the cleaning crew had just finished.
    I believe it’s an age thing. Some older folks need to get a good rocking back and forth in order to stand up.
    “Make a mental note of that piano.”
    How can I not! I’m getting after images every time I blink!
    “And they’re Scottish”
    What? Even the one on the far right? (Coca Cola)
    “Just think how great The Castle must have been when it was live.”
    Was that supposed to be your second pub?

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  5. Very selective photos indeed!

    The photos are a sign of further investment, this time by way of new guest toilets . Perhaps the photographer could have come back once our tireless joiners had come back for the second load of rubbish, but this obviously doesn’t make for a good blog.
    Gordon Brailsford – proud landlord of both the Mosset and the Red Lion.


    1. Hello Gordon. You’re right to be proud of both pubs, as should be all publicans who work tirelessly to provide good beer and cheer.

      I wrote about the Mosset “efficiently run, cheerful service and packed with diners”, so am a bit upset with myself (not you) if my weird Fenland humour confused my positivity.

      A few readers of my mad diary have said how nice Forres looked, so I guess it was the external shot of the Mosset that’s the problem. I’ve deleted that.

      By the by, when the new bar mentioned in comments opens this year I’ll no doubt be back, and this time I’ll stop for a meal and do you justice.

      Cheers. Martin.


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