A few more holiday snaps from my trip to Bootle.  Not that you need any more convincing, I’m sure.

Oh, here’s one from my walk back from Waterloo on Sunday night.


Lennon was rubbish.  Imagine is the worst song EVER.” said Matt last night. Wait till he hears “The Frog Chorus“.

My car was still there in the morning, so I left it another hour and took in the sights of sunny Seaforth.  Posh Bootle, if you will.

No Gormley Iron Men visible


You might remember this one from Cathy Price’s Red Lion adventures.

No.  After you.

One of several imposing pubs round here, none of them visible on WhatPub unless you uncheck the “Real Ale Available” button.

Looks better from Tesco

I nearly had breakfast at Tesco Extra, but thought you’d appreciate a review of a real Scouse café.

L’s Kitchen had the best reviews, and the keenest prices, unless you were a monster.


I had the small. Tasty and grease free, with undrinkable coffee and a lovely smile.


Better than that Premier Inn muck BRAPA has been eating, anyway.

A few more pubs of uncertain status as I approached the docks.


Industrial tourism at its best

The most exciting of the lot was the “World Famous Caradoc“, which one of you must have been to, if not stayed in.

Draw your own conclusions

I didn’t pass a soul on my walk, and it’s not quite as exciting as, say, Ancoats. But it’s spick and span, and I’m still here.

What more can a City fan hope for from Liverpool ?



  1. “The most exciting of the lot was the “World Famous Caradoc“, which one of you must have been to, if not stayed in.”

    And I’m the one! More then once, too. (Only to drink, not stay)

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  2. Had a good laugh at the “Draw your own conclusions” caption.

    Also enjoyed the reference to Cathy Price and her Red Lion quest. I keep hoping someone else will step forward to visit every, I don’t know, White Hart or Royal Oak or some other such popular pub name. But there are only so many Cathy Prices in the world, let’s face it! 🙂


  3. Your “small” breakfast for £4.20 was a bargain.
    The “Monster brunch”, about forty items for £16, could have been quite a challenge.

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  4. Interesting commentary here: I never have a coffee in a greasy spoon, a meagre spoonful of cheap instant coffee in tepid water does not constitute a cup of coffee. Okay, it might have done 30 years ago because there was nothing else and people didn’t know any better. Always better to go for a cup of tea (which I seldom drink) if only because you know they will get it right. So much better to go somewhere where you are guaranteed a decent cup of real coffee. Granted there is a section of the public who are quite happy with this coffee mediocrity, more and more people less so. You can extrapolate this to the pub trade and about giving people what they want. Essentially if you don’t keep moving forwards then you may stop moving at all.

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    1. Spot on, tea would have been better. Sadly, only coffee does the job in the morning, though it’s tea all the way after noon at home.

      I would have had a better coffee in Tesco, but guarantee the breakfast and banter wouldn’t have been half as good.


      1. There are some Greasy Spoons who have actually discovered a Cafietere and decent roast coffee. You can get Lavazza in Morribogs, which is where many of these small ‘hand to mouth’ businesses procure much of their stock. One area ‘spoons have got spot on. Not the best ever coffee out of those machines but it does the job.


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