Next stop, dunno.  Si scoured his GBG, hideously desecrated with green marker, for pubs open now but shutting in the afternoon.

We bypassed the aptly named Blandford Forum, a real ale desert, on the way to Spetisbury.


I had no recollection whatsoever of the Woodpecker, and it hardly mattered as we’d missed it by a week.

Simon put on his best sad face and programmed Sat Nav lady for Stourpaine.

Helpfully, the pub has the village name in the car park, possibly stolen off the A350.



This is a hardworking place, feeling more like the other new breed of community pub that doubles up as village shop and micro pub for canines.

No comment on Flack Manor. Or is it ?

Getting hilly now, though well outside the honeypots of Cranborne Chase.


Grief, this one split opinion.

All the tables were set for dining, so we had to sit at the bar.

Gentlefolk takeover

Far too many beers, too.

“I love choice, me”
Simon goes BBB

But since I was on the coffee by now it hardly mattered.

We felt quite at home, able to survey the dessert drama unfolding behind us (“Cheesecakegate” said Si), and getting healthy attention at the bar.

Have you seen the giant spider ?” said our Landlady.

Where ?

Spooky chimney apart, the White Horse had some good breweriana,


“Instant Cash Prizes”,


and an even better shop.

Paper dates this post
Beautiful display

OK, it only sold one newspaper, but they’d just had a delivery of their famous pork and apple squealers and some home made cakes.  I had to buy them, you know how I like to support micro shops.

Back at the bar, Si was talking cheese.

Despite appearances, she’s not about to thump him
The big cheese

Local cheese, too.  At conservative estimates, that slab would have lasted Si till Sixpenny Handley.  The giant squealer made it till Child Okeford, our next stop.



  1. Lovely looking pub with a sense of humour.I like.
    Perilously close to my old stomping ground of Tisbury and the South-Western where I once spied a beautiful young woman across the bar and affected an introduction.
    15 minutes later I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.
    27 years later Mrs Professor Pie-Tin and I are still going strong.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. P P-T,
      I was two years ahead of you in finding a wife in a proper pub.
      Mrs TSM only ever has a glass of pop so has been driving me to drink since 1990.


      1. Yes, that’s what I feared.
        Kent’s just not the same now that hop gardens have been replaced by tea plantations.
        So much of the Potteries is now covered by plum orchards that I’m not sure they’ll find anywhere to grow the bananas.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I assume that it’s the same company, which is ready, quite rightly, to make a bob or two out of those daft enough to care in what county their tea wasn’t grown.


    1. Dog’s water out of a beer barrel seems a cliché when you’ve seen it for a third time !

      I think I should have said “this one will split opinion”. We both took exception to having to sit at the bar, but the place was so chatty and unpretentious we forgave it.

      Liked by 1 person

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