Greetings from Seaforth, the fag end of Bootle, and a place where my nearest entry on What Pub is called the “Cock & Seamen“. Clearly a Captain Pugwash theme bar.

Two more decent GBG pubs in Newport (Isle of Wight) for you, enjoyed a little too quickly if I’m honest. One was a micro, one was a dining pub. What could go wrong ?

The tourism bit didn’t take long. I’m sure there was a pleasant market town there once before the modernisation. A bit like Hitchin.

“Away with your craft”
Attractive flyover

Look at the What Pub extract and see Newport’s successful attempt to enter the 1990s; Travelodge, Halford, Currys, McDonalds and Matalan have all arrived.

Newport IOW.PNG

Even a micro pub to take the Isle into the 1700s.

Entertainment !!!

The big bonus on Wight is that the pubs are open all the time, even the little ones.  Newport Ale House clearly hasn’t read the Herne Rule Book. On the plus side, it was all a bit wordless and veered towards “retired bloke micro”  (suits me then, you say).

Foaming pints

This gets my vote straightaway by being pubby and serving beers you’ve heard of.  Apart from the Heritage Masterpiece from Burton which was pretty good.

Some proper bar stools, odd arm chairs, and one of those Mew, Langton & Co mirrors from an industrial estate on Wrexham.

Nicely cluttered
Pewter drinking vessel alert

Si will love this one. The Landlord sang along to all the ’80s hits.

RADIO                                              LANDLORD

I’m still standing…”               “Yeah, yeah, yeah

I gotta New Sensation...”      “New Sensation

Too much excitement, so I headed for the classic giant eatery that is the Bargeman’s Rest. Note the monument to the BRAPA marker in the garden.

Brave outside drinker

Thing of a Brewer’s Fayre with lots of local nautical tat. It works very well.

Ice cream sundaes to the fore
More Grimsby than Grimsby
One for the twitchers

It was 3.45, so a quiet time for diners in a town where regular lunch/tea time hours are still enforced by the New Puritans.  The music was 1940s crooners, appropriately.

Surprisingly, a great drinkers pub, aided by a brilliant barmaid of the “My love” variety who knew ALL the customers (except me), guessed their orders and then discussed gambling addictions at length with them.

Local beer !

This was the chance to Go Local.  You don’t see Goddards very much round Waterbeach, and their flagship “Fuggle-De-Dum” as I gave it a tour of the pub. NBSS 3 & rising.

Rules of Blackjack being discussed at the bar

My favourite pub of the day, and I would have stayed for a Knickerbocker Glory if not for the bus to Cowes calling my name (possibly literally).

17 thoughts on “FUGGLE-DE-DUM

  1. I was on the Isle of Wight three years ago but for some reason, I spent my time on the south side of the island. Newport looks more like my kind of place.


  2. Stayed in Newport in July 2016. Loved both of these, especially the (non-micro?) micro. Radio played Absolute 80s continuously, a vibe that suits IOW. Where the area code is, of course, 1983.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. “and a place where my nearest entry on What Pub is called the “Cock & Seamen“.”

    Is there a spelling mistake I should be pointing out? 😉

    “Entertainment !!!”

    Can’t say I like the idea of swapping preserve recipes on Tuesdays. 😉

    “Foaming pints”

    Do they sell the drips that collect in the cups underneath at half price?

    “odd arm chairs,”

    Does that mean they had 1, 3 or 5 arms?

    “The Landlord sang along to all the ’80s hits.”

    Not in the ’80s but it would’ve been classic if he’d sung along to Time Warp. 🙂

    “Note the monument to the BRAPA marker in the garden.”

    And here’s me thinking that was from the Jolly Green Giant. 🙂


    “where regular lunch/tea time hours are still enforced by the New Puritans.”

    They could’ve gone all the way and shut the place down in the afternoon like the olden days.

    “and I would have stayed for a Knickerbocker Glory if not for the bus to Cowes calling my name”

    See, this is why Si gets on the radio. He would’ve stayed and then sprung for a taxi. 🙂



    1. We have BRAPA to thank for encouraging us to pay attention to the quirks of pubs; this was quite sensational. He only joined in with the obvious bits of the chorus. Singing along with ’80s radio a national pastime in Wight !

      Liked by 1 person

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