Too many photos to stick in one post, and almost too much to report from the double decker pub trip from Freshwater to Newport.

Newport IOW

All I’ll say is, make sure you grab a seat toward the back of the top deck.if you ever catch the school bus on Wight.

Teenagers told tales of mixing a McFlurry with Strongbow and whisky. A mouthy mum tried to involve me in an argument that went right over my head.

Ooh. I’m sweating drops of pure mank. That really jiggled my bones

I nodded, but thought she was a drama queen.

Newport is a modest but usefully modernised little town, a Stowmarket rather than a Sudbury, if you like.



The inevitable Spoons, one of two places on the island where you can justify your CAMRA life membership, is a cracking little place, and a deadringer for the one in Dumfries.


What can it possibly have been before ?

View from upstairs

A perfectly average beer line up, though I noted the Doom Bar clip turned at an angle to try to improve the NBSS score. Sadly, I couldn’t resist that Island RBA again (NBSS 3.5+)


Prosecco Paulines

It was 90% boozers.

A bald escapee from Barking sought confirmation that Gordon Banks’s save was, indeed, the greatest of all time (it isn’t).img_20190212_150618719329348.jpg

“I can name the 66 team in full” he said, starting with Banks.





Er, Charlton




Wilson. “Not many get him”

Counts them up. Realises it’s only ten.

Cohen“. I scream. “Cohen“.

Ten minutes pass. He looks dejectedly at his wife. It still won’t come to him.


  1. I stayed at Calvert’s for a few weeks whilst working on the Island back in the 80’s. No Spoons there in those days. The Castle and The Wheatsheaf were the pubs of choice for us. The IOW Beer and Buses event in October is always good fun, if a bit chaotic.

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  2. I know everyone goes on about Gordon Banks’ Pele save but to be honest De Gea does this stuff week in week out in the Premiership.
    Even at the time Pat Jennings was a cut about Banks.


  3. “That really jiggled my bones”

    That’s an odd way to spell ‘breast’.

    “What can it possibly have been before ?”

    People won’t get this, as I’m replying in reverse order, but… the mold for the Jolly Green Giant thing at the Bargeman’s Rest?

    “View from upstairs”

    Can’t fool me. You were hanging from a chandelier. 🙂

    “Sadly, I couldn’t resist that Island RBA again (NBSS 3.5+)”

    When in Rome…

    “Prosecco Paulines”

    Is that the UK equivalent of Australian Sheilas?

    “Realises it’s only ten.”

    Ran out of fingers. 🙂


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    1. Argh!

      Time to stop posting until I get it through my thick head to fill in details each time. 😉

      (plus, it’s time for our long walk in the woods under the crunching snow) 🙂

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      1. “I nearly spluttered up my can of Starbucks chilled espresso when she said “jiggled my bones”.”

        Crunchy breasts! I think KFC does a meal with that. 🙂


  4. Sorry I’ve been absent lately, Martin; trying to catch up now, and loving it.

    We’ve got a church-converted-into-a-restaurant/bar here in Michigan, and I thought it was something rather special until I saw this post– That ‘Man in the Moon’ is incredible!! Such is the abundance of impressive old churches in England, I suppose, that a place like that is possible.

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    1. Aw, thanks Mark. Always appreciate your feedback and comments.

      There’s a sizeable number of deconsecrated churches in the UK converted to pubs, art galleries and even a skate park (Caterham).

      They suit larger pubs, though I can only think of about 3 Wetherspoons (Dumfries and Bridhouse come to mind), each with that tremendous view from the upstairs. On the other hand, the marvellous Halifax Minster serves God Beer at the back of its occasional gigs there ;-0

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  5. “Ooh. I’m sweating drops of pure mank. That really jiggled my bones”

    With quality communication like that the IOW entrance fee is such good value for money 🙂 (You could have made further enquiries to determine what ailed the lady – though if it was a chat up line…perhaps not… 😉

    Naturally the bus conversation would be much more refined on the CAMRA Beer and Bus weekend….

    “Teenagers told tales of mixing a McFlurry with Strongbow and whisky.”
    McDonalds are missing a trick – perhaps they should get an alcohol licensed…

    Almost glad I didn’t make it out of Cowes High Street – gripping stuff though, and enjoying the adventure…


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