Yes, it’s hazy photo time.

Half an hour from Llantwit to Cogan, Gateway to Penarth. Half an hour in which to enjoy a lively atmosphere as Bridgenders head in to Cardiff for their nights at Pryzm and Liquid.

Except that they all got out at Penarth. No idea why you’d go there, except ticking the new GBG pubs. Perhaps they were.


Wear proper shoes and you’d move quicker

See how slowly they walk, just to frustrate my work. The train had been delayed 11 minutes, so I only had 49 minutes to get from Cogan to two pubs and back before I turned 30 and exploded or something.

Now, the photos that follow would be discarded by that Coldwell chap, but it was raining, OK ?

Golden Lion, of course

The Golden Lion was a proper “all-ages” upmarket backstreet pub, the sort of place you’d see on Cambridge’s Mill Road.

It’s a JW Bassett place, something to do with the ex-England team manager I think. I guess they carry out the same sort of function as a Grays pub in Chelmsford.

No beers you’ve heard of, unless you’re beery cheery, so I go for Grey Trees which is in sparkling form (NBS 3.5+). But does anyone apart from a CAMRA member at a northern beer festival really enjoy drinking vertically ?

Friday night is standing night
Froth on the Stella

The Pilot is a minute away, but I still get lost, and then get a photo opportunity squashed by a haggle of lady smokers confined to the porch (top). They’re very cheerful for such a despised species.

Unexpectedly, the Pilot is gastro. The lad at the bar can’t serve me and keeps telling me someone will be with me shortly, which they’re not. It’s like that pub in Brecon with the scared Bass barmaid. Food service is winding down, the smart folk of Penarth are discussing house prices, it’s an upmarket local. That’s OK, we all need somewhere.

Eventually I get a half of VOG which, again, is tremendous, and I have to concede the GBG selection round here is spot on, even if I miss the grubby Brain’s pubs.

Decent lacings to offset the check shirt

Nice view to the Bay, brilliantly captured in this shot.

Bright lights

With ten minutes to run back to the station I had to skip the Brain’s in the Windsor, and Doom Bar in the reliable Spoons, even with 44 Spoons tokens in my wallet. Save them up for the Paramount before the Manc Beer Fest.

I only just caught the train to Cardiff, and enjoy a drunk man attempting to tell the ticket man he wants “A single to Aberdare” but failing spectacularly.

24 thoughts on “COGAN’S RUN

  1. From my experience in running Northern beer festivals, I am able to say the most frequent feedback, no matter how many seats you provide, is, ‘there wasn’t enough seating’. I reckon there is a cohort of people who provide feedback (complainers) who would say there wouldn’t be enough seats if you held a festival on the pitch at Elland Rd. If you watch the punters at a CAMRA festival who have queued up, they don’t dash to the bar, instead they stake their claim at table, spreading out as far as possible, with jumpers, magazines and the like. Waiting until a fellow table claimer appears who they politely ask to guard their sector of the table and seat before they proceed to the bar. I have noticed a clear distinction between CAMRA drinkers who want as much seating as possible and ‘normal’ drinkers who would rather stand up.


    1. Feedback from some “complainers” can only be expected if you ask for feedback.
      Punters at a CAMRA festival will want more seats than ‘normal’ drinkers because they are significantly older.
      I, for example, didn’t much mind standing up up till nine years ago when I suffered a stroke that has seriously affected my balance and, although I’m not one for complaining about a shortage of seats, I have since then avoided beer festivals and pubs where I don’t expect to find a vacant seat,
      One seat is though plenty for me and there’s no excuse for anyone “spreading out as far as possible”.
      Keep using those vertical drinking establishments while you can !


    2. > …..there wouldn’t be enough seats if you held a festival on the pitch at Elland Rd.

      Are there any seats on the pitch at Elland Road ?


  2. I suppose that the top half of your body always has to be fairly vertical when drinking?

    I’m trying to think of a more precise term, in my aspergic-sort-of way…


  3. Like the phrase “a haggle of lady smokers” – sounds perfect. You are obviously making progress in Wales. Glamorgan is a good training ground for advanced level (West Wales) ticking but they will all fall eventually under your relentless march.

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  4. If we can’t sit down in a pub we leave -I want to enjoy my drink in comfort -last time this happened was at the Old Mitre in London at about 3 in the afternoon -full of old people with nothing better to do than clutter up pubs -they all looked so smug too next to the real fires -I was gutted.We left.

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    1. Pauline,
      I can sadly no longer remember what I did when I was young that was better than cluttering up proper pubs such as the Old Mitre.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It would have been the sitting next to the fire looking smug, which would have got to our Pauline.

        Surely you never did that, Paul?

        But why should anyone have anything better to do anyway? Sounds splendid to me.


      2. No, I don’t think I’ve ever been guilty of “sitting next to the fire looking smug” but I’ll often sit several feet away from a fire watching it as I did in two pubs yesterday, lunchtime and evening.
        Imagine my disappointment last evening though when just into my second pint of electric pumped Banks’s Original a couple came in and hogged the fire depriving me and everyone else one else of sight of it and warmth from it. I soon left for a several minute walk to a brewer’s tied house for a couple of pints of Marstons Old Empire before my six minute train journey home. ( I think I’ve given enough clues for you to be able to name both pubs )


  5. I’m rather hoping I may be lucky enough to spot and meet you at Manchester I’m working on the wood bar all week you can’t miss it as it’s directly in front of you as you walk in. Our beers are selling very quick but no Bass I’m afraid. Someone asked me for a traditional English bitter yesterday and I jokingly called him a weirdo. We may just about have 1 out of 50 odd beers. How times change.

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    1. I hope too Tony. Have made mental note of your photo from Twitter; as you know I an more guarded but will be wearing a T-shirt with details of City’s top wins at White Hart Lane. Or possibly the Bass one.


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