Back in Cardiff with an hour ’till Architects finished destroying my son’s ears, and no new GBG pubs to chase down, as the aforementioned Aberdare was a bit out of reach.

A quick look at WhatPub and it jumped out at me; a Head of Steam pre-emptive.  They’ve made the Guide immediately in Sunderland, York, Newcastle, Sheffield and now Hull, which no doubt guarantees this will have been a wasted pint.

Head of Steam.PNG

The streets were a bit quiet; they’re not as tough here as they are in Newport.

Sparkle in the rain

Some hardy drinkers smokers braved the drizzle.

Café culture

On the one hand, HoS are giant open plan bars, strong on the beer range but lacking in lived-in character. Like a Wetherspoons crossed with North Bar (that’ll annoy our Leeds correspondent).

Where they’ve been busy (Sheffield, Leeds) I’ve warmed to them.  A good mix of drinkers, beers you’ve heard of, proper glasses.

Spoilt for choice

Oh, and CAMRA discount (advertised).  Always helps, apparently. Brought the Strongarm under £4, but not under £3.  #SaveCask.

I took my pint for a little walk around the floors to warm up, and enjoy the sight of mature students playing board games.

View from the games room

Plenty of beer being drunk, most of it foreign (I guess that includes the Strongarm), but it wasn’t packed.  Dryanuary and Skintuary take their toll.

Indie disco alternated with Fleetwood Mac’s “Tango In The Night“, a jarring mix I liked.

An excellent foamy but smooth pint of Camerons (NBSS 3.5); I can’t imagine this being served flat.


The only thing lacking was a bit of Northern grit in the pub.  I was dreaming of a return trip to Hartlepool on a Friday night by the time I got to the lacings.


11 thoughts on “STEAMIN’ AHEAD

  1. You must have noticed the red equilateral triangle three-quarters of the way across and just over half way up your map. I stayed there in April 2017.


      1. Yes, Camerons’s Heads Of Steam have moved on quite a bit from Tony Brookes’s from 1994


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