You left me in Llantwit Major in the drizzle, you sods, in the glow of a sublime pint of Doom Bar. Talking of which, I see one of our top beer writers has finally seen the light.

Be nice to have some Welsh beer in Wales though; plenty of adverts, not much in the Beer Guide.

On to the Tudor.


Five pubs and a club in town, four in the Guide. Something in the water ?

One pub for each wife
Pubs, pubs, pubs

WhatPub promises Hancocks and Wye Valley, we get Wainwright instead of HB. It must be a decade since I saw Hancocks on a bar.

Not sure what’s got the Tudor into the Guide. The Wainwright is solid NBSS 2.5 nothingness, and the only cask I see poured in 20 minutes.

The pub seems to contain the entirety of the town youth, tucked into four distinct drinking areas which are unmodernised enough to be characterful.

Your caption here
Nice hat

It’s the sort of place you get on the edge of Cornwall towns like Penryn, where students come to avoid craft keg, and I liked it well enough.

No Bass mirror though

Just as I was leaving I noticed the pump clip turned round.

I spy…

That rotated square clip could only be HB*, couldn’t it ?

Suddenly remembering I had a train to catch in 7 minutes and an 8 minute walk, I had an agonising decision to make.

Revisit two pubs here with Draught Bass and Brains, or jump on the train and get two new ticks in Penarth…


*Don’t bother telling me HB was last brewed by Everards either.


    1. Hancock’s is usually on – always when I’ve been – at the Vale Of Glamorgan Inn, Cowbridge, and at the Butcher’s Arms, Llandaff – don’t know if they’re on your yet-to-be-ticked list Martin.

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      1. Tintern sticks in my mind, as a real life Royston Vasey, where I stopped off once and called in at the Local Shop for a pasty, and was greeted by the terror-stricken, and completely flustered Local Owners.

        That was before the League of Gentlemen, but I’d discerned a pattern already by then on my travels, as you do, eh, Martin?


      2. Well I missed them ! Tintern now is a little slice of Pashminaville, full of coach parties and barbour-clad shoppers. The folk (English I think) who took on the Cherry Tree ruined it with gastro food and guest beers.

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      1. If I were to ramble round the British coast I wouldn’t want to walk 19,491 miles approaching Llantwit Major.


      2. Well, yes, I could cut across Hadrian’s Wall and miss out Scotland as there’s not much worth drinking up there.


      3. No, I think I would want to be away from Llantwit Major for a bit longer than that..
        Maybe eighteen miles to Cardiff and a few days there before returning.


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