The posts keep coming, but the beer dried up for me.

After the usual IKEA drama (dropped cushion cover or something), I bravely volunteered to let Mrs RM do the tasting while I did the note-taking. Being a self-taught beer smellier, I know how to score a beer purely by sniffing it.

The next new micro (there’s 377 of them in Nottinghamshire alone) was only nineteen minutes walk away in DH Lawrence land.  I was last here for a robust FA Cup 1st round tie against Brackley a decade ago that owed nothing to DH except the mud wrestling.

Not too far

But if you think Mrs RM was walking in the bitter Notts cold you’re mistaken.

Now, I feel you may have seen places like the Tap & Growler before on BRAPA, Pubmeister and this blog…

Oooh, just seen those great haircuts

But it looked cosy and inviting on the last day you’re allowed to have Xmas decorations up before the Men In Suits come round, and we noted an absence of high tables too.

Oatmeal Pale, apparently

I saw some intriguing cordial in ornate glass bottles behind the bar, and asked for a lime juice. A glass of that AND a half of the grapefruit murk was £1.60.

Ooh, I don’t charge for cordials“.  Tom Irvin would be impressed.

Take a look at those sample bottles (I assume that’s what they are). Tom would be aghast.

Nicked from a science lab
Our beer expert

Oooh, that’s nice” said our hazy beer expert, “Is it strong ?”.

I had the dregs while Mrs RM searched for graffiti in the Ladies.


It was lovely beer.

Good beer, free cordial, cheery folk, seating that means Mrs RM’s feet touched the floor.

Rare sighting of folk younger than us in a micro pub

In fact, the only thing I can say against it is that it’s so small we thought we were sitting on other people’s laps. Perhaps that’s the next big thing.





  1. I remember when I were a lad … people did sit on each others laps, almost. Saturday and Sunday night in my old mans pub and you didn’t get a seat in the concert room if you weren’t there before 7.30pm. Table service too. Gina Beever on piano and her sister Connie waited on. Last time I visited, it was exactly the same in the Dog & Partridge, Bordhill (no table service these days though). One of the few pubs in the Penistone district regularly carrying on the tradition of music and singing.

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  2. It’s not in the gbg so can understand why you walked past the caught and bowled on your way but it is definitely worth a visit! Also pick and davy around the corner from the t & g is a new addition. Glad you enjoyed the Tap cracking place

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    1. Thanks, Adam. There’s a host of new pubs popping up in Broxtowe and Ashfield, isn’t there ? I like all pubs, though I do get a bit claustrophobic in the smaller places. Sadly, the big barns struggle to pay the rent these days. Bet I’m back for more in September !


  3. “Oooh, just seen those great haircuts”

    Crikey. ‘Great minds’ and all that. 🙂

    “Tom Irvin would be impressed.”‘

    I’m sure Simon has made note of it.

    “I had the dregs while Mrs RM searched for graffiti in the Ladies.”

    Obviously the graffiti needs to catch up to modern times. 😉

    “Perhaps that’s the next big thing.”

    Not sure how being (literally) in another’s lap will jive with needing a safe space. 😉


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