img_20190105_160206-1036016368.jpgI’m afraid the title is the best thing about this post from a frustrating afternoon in industrial Notts. Alan Winfield would have appreciated it, albeit horrified by the unfettered growth in micros.

After Manchester I spent 3 days throwing things away while Mrs RM did company accounts and tax returns.  She was ready for an afternoon out in Kinky Kimberley (TIC can have that one for free) by Saturday. Frankly, anyone who’s ready for an afternoon in IKEA between Christmas and New Year has suspect judgement.

I’ll only need an hour in IKEA” said Mrs RM. Yeah right.

The theory

Our first trip to Kimbers for more than a decade, but we used to stay here regularly before the Great Hardy & Hansons sell-out scuppered the GBG chances of some great boozers. They don’t like Greedy King round here; check old copies of Nottingham Drinker and see what I mean.

It may be industrial along the A610, but there’s still a great deal of character.


Then I came across another new micro.  It’ll be in the GBG come September 15th, no doubt, but I didn’t have the heart for pre-emptive ticks.

Exciting looking micro with bollards

I stopped to see the remains of the brewery,

Still standing, anyway

and the Nelson and Railway that was a GBG regular till you-know-what.

Was a classic once, might still be

Apparently, Castle Rock can do no wrong though.

Proper Pub

It’s a lovely, bustling community pub, with a real mix of folk at tea-time (4pm) including gin tasters and families.


“Ahh, a proper bitterrrrr” said Old Boy about the Brew York. so I had that.

MORE Brew York – the new Moorhouses ?

It was OK, tasty but lacking a bit of condition, but the pub was an ideal way to follow the Saturday 3pm FA Cup ties.  All 3 of them.

So what about the micro then ? Looked fantastic.

It was closed.  Here’s the What Pub link, you try finding out when they’re open.

First unexpected closure of the new year

Open when you like, folks, tell us when you’re closed.  That’s all I ever ask.

(Awaits someone telling me they were open with all the lights turned off).

It started drizzling as I headed back to IKEA.




    1. I didn’t see any signs on the door. There was a closed gate before you got to the entrance. Sent them a message via Facebook (only reason I joined FB was to access pub opening times); no response yet. But it’s FUN Duncan !

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  1. Hardy & Hansons; sadly missed. I can remember taking a train out to Buxton, from Manchester, just to sample their delectable bitter.

    I’m not sure it was all Greene King’s doing though, as the H&H directors apparently jumped at the offer when the boys from Bury-St-Edmund came knocking.

    Nice to see the brewery is still standing. It looks in remarkably good condition from your photo.

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      1. I was surprised, when I moved to the Peak how much antagonism still festers about GK particularly amongst those who were around for H&H. Don’t like to mention that I was partial to a pint of Abbot at the Green Man at Sandridge.

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      2. Wickingman,
        But surely the antagonism should have been towards the H and H directors who needlessly sacrificed a profitable company.


  2. ““I’ll only need an hour in IKEA” said Mrs RM. Yeah right.”

    At least she didn’t drag you along with her. 🙂

    “Exciting looking micro with bollards”

    Of course I initially read that as ‘bollocks’. 😉

    “and the Nelson and Railway that was a GBG regular till you-know-what.”

    Not a bloody clue.

    “with a real mix of folk at tea-time (4pm) ”

    Over here folk are allowed to start a round of golf earlier than that. 🙂

    “All 3 of them.”

    Obviously they are all colluding to heighten the suspense.

    “It started drizzling as I headed back to IKEA.”

    Just like it does in the films. 🙂


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