“Holidays are coming” and with it all those dreadful seasonal drinkers that CAMRA members on DISCOURSE are criticising for putting money in pub tills.

If in doubt, follow the Spoons van as it drops off all your favourite festive drinks to a packed Wetherspoons near you.

All craft these days

You’ll never get to the bar, of course, as I found out in Preston.

So for the civilised Spoons experience, visit at 9am. If in Warwick, you can take in a bit of history before it opens.



Future Brunning & Price
Future micro

I’m SURE we’ve been to the Thomas Lloyd before, probably when we stuck our campervan in the racecourse for a night.

Future Spoons.  Oh, it is.

It hardly merits its own write-up, except for 3 things.

  1. I know how much you love pub life in Hi-Vis.  Anyone who says Spoons aren’t Proper Pubs deserves their high table micro hell.

2. The staff are tremendously friendly ( as they often are in Tim’s pubs), chatting to Old Boys (and me) at the bar and the tables.


3. I know how much you love to see Old Boys meeting up with mates and reflecting on life over a 9am pint.  Don’t knock it; it’s a lonely world.


And the Ruddles (I used the App) was an excellent pairing with my mushroom benedict (3.5 for each).


Admit it, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


  1. “Admit it, you’ll miss them when they’re gone”. Do you know something we don’t, Martin? Is Tim about to follow his chum James (Dyson), and disappear off to Singapore, now that their pet project is mired in the brown stuff?

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      1. Prof, the same report from the Grauniad went on to say, “Dyson has yet to make a decision on whether it will mass-produce its electric vehicles in Britain once testing is complete. Although it designs and develops products in the UK, supporting high-value jobs, it manufactures them in cheaper locations such as Singapore and elsewhere in the far east”.

        It’s still welcome news, but don’t get too excited.


      2. So,a high tech company that does it’s R&D at home and then manufactures in the Far East is a sign of the madness of Brexit ?
        Where is the device that you wrote that on made ?


    1. I look forward to the name for their beloved project becoming part of Football Commentatorese.

      “Ooh an open goal!

      Oh no! He’s made a complete brexit of it!

      How could he miss?”

      Maybe it will replace “tremendous”?

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      1. Since they were protesting about low wages and high fuel tax in France, and not against the EU, they might enjoy support from both sides.

        But they were joined by the Mercer-backed rent-a-mob, so that makes them the Good Guys whatever, for some folk.


  2. I see DHL do Weatherspoons logistics – didn’t they recently struggle to deliver Colonel Sanders chickens…?

    Not just hi-vis – but also safety helmets – proper contractors….!

    Great photo of the two old guys – it also sums up nicely how pubs help combat loneliness (as they seem to be sharing each others company) – as I think has been widely said…

    Hopefully Weatherspoons will be with us for some time yet… which reminds me – still got some vouchers to use before 31st December… 😉

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    1. Spot on about pubs and loneliness. And Old Boys like that seem to gravitate towards Spoons (or the Stonegate places that are similar) rather than pubs which are smaller, or where you get stared at if you linger over a coffee. Not to mention the prices.

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      1. Warwick and Leamington are both in the south. Not quite fare enough south to class as practically French, but still in the south.

        Allam Out.

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  3. So we picked up the youngest from the airport tonight and on the way home popped in to one of our favourite pubs to welcome him back home.
    Together with our oldest son there were four of us.
    Twelve pints of excellent Irish craft beer,four whiskey chasers for the boys,four gin cocktails for herself came to about €23 a head.
    That and four bags of chips made for a good night out costing less than a ton.
    We all agreed that it’s still better value getting a bit pissed rather than paying over the odds for Fancy Dan nosebag in a restaurant.
    The first time in a year the family is all under one roof again.
    Happy days.

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  4. “you can take in a bit of history before it opens.”

    That outcrop of forest at the bottom right’s a bit rude looking. 😉

    “I know how much you love pub life in Hi-Vis.”

    I’m leaning more towards yellow vests vice Hi-Vis. 🙂

    “chatting to Old Boys (and me) at the bar and the tables.”

    After my wife’s description of chatter by the 70 odd seniors she catered Christmas dinner for on Saturday that’s not to be sneezed at.

    “Don’t knock it; it’s a lonely world.”

    See above. 😉

    “Admit it, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.”

    What I’ll miss more is you blogging about them. 🙂


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  5. “The staff are tremendously friendly” but that doesn’t mean they know about the beers.
    When I was there a few months ago a friend asked for a Two Towers and the barmaid took that as two pints from the handpump he pointed at.

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