First of all, this is what happens when your son comes back from Sheffield Uni and nicks your internet capacity to play his incomprehensible computer games (Not FIFA 94);


I’m on best behaviour with this post, as Knowle in firmly in BeerMat territory, in posh Solihull in fact. It’s very east Cheshire, which you can take as a compliment, if you like.

The star building, which I believe won a Prince Charles award a few years back is the majestic village hall. Jack the Beanstalk isn’t, as I hoped, a hip hop musical.

Now I’ll take BeerMat’s view that the pubs in Knowle are good boozers, which is a surprise since they basically comprise the full set of chain dining pubs.

Ember, Chef & Brewer, Toby Carvery, and some Scandibar down a hidden alleyway.

There’s a lot of Chinese takeaways in town, which is always a good sign.

I’m always surprised to find a micro pub open, particularly at lunchtime.

The most noticeable thing about all these micros like the Ale Rooms is that I’m ALWAYS the first person in, which is NEVER the case in a Spoons or a Rose & Crown.

If I’m up I might as well be open” said the owner, who was combining chatting with me with bringing barrels up and doing six months paperwork. Or something.

Oh, you’ve got beers I’ve heard of !” I said, a little too enthusiastically.

A cosy place, with proper seating, good foamy Holdens (NBSS 3/3/5) and a chatty owner.

Oh, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.



  1. Definitely my territory! For such a well to do place the boozers can be quite earthy…red lion is definitely locals boozer but ale rooms and vaults also good value… surprisingly the wilsons and the gres also have local drinkers despite being chain pub eateries ..don’t know much about oktogon but seems to ticking over nicely…get yourself to the white Hart in tile cross for a genuine Brummie boozer!! Great piece by the way ….👍🍻

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    1. I linked to your post from last year as you gave us far more local knowledge ! It’s a pleasant village with loads of restaurants, though there’s a few shut down and the little shopping arcade is a bit earthy. I suppose if all you have (pre-Vaults and Ale Rooms) is chains they you use the chains differently. Nice looking Toby.


  2. Assume you got permission from Beermat to publish on his manor. These things can escalate very quickly…could be another ice cream wars. Not been there yet, you are wiping out swathes of the country in admirable style.

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  3. “and nicks your internet capacity”

    Oof. Only time that happened to me was way back in the late 90’s. My darling wife decided to get online to look for some country and western songs for one of her brothers and by doing so managed to kill one of my Diablo 2 hardcore characters. (sigh)

    ““Oh, you’ve got beers I’ve heard of !””

    Hmmm. 6X or Kelham BB.

    “and a chatty owner.”

    Contrast that to Si going into a pub (with customers) and nowt was said to him. 🙂

    “Oh, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.”

    In the photo above, is that a free charger for use in the socket or is it for some Christmas lights thingy?



    1. Kelham, Wadworth, Sadlers , Holdens make a change from the usual shed brewers. That was the owner charging his phone.

      Re :chatty owners, discussing with Si (name dropper) on Saturday; when it’s just you, you both feel compelled to talk. If there’s others and your first attempt at conversation fails you give up.


  4. I’m loving the whopping CAMRA discount and the disparity between one pint and one half. Like for CAMRA members it’s £3.20 and £1.60, but for everyone else it’s £3.60 and a 20p premium on a half at £1.90. It’s this disingenuity that makes CAMRA look stupid when the pub gets voted POTY. I didn’t go to Westminster to lobby my MP about business rates and beer duty just so that other CAMRA members could benefit.


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