The Little Green Dragon was the first in a run of frankly wonderful pubs I couldn’t have dreamt of as the sun set on the Wednesday before my drive to Bath on Thursday morning (feels about 3 years ago now).

Birds fly across Car Dyke, Waterbeach

Finding my free parking space on the edge of Bath that wasn’t on a 1:5 incline was a little harder than last time, but I persevered.  You won’t find that place on Parkopedia.

Bath drive

4 hours 18, says Bing Maps for that trip, but worth it to complete the Bath GBG entries and test the Draught Bass at the legendary Star (in time, in time).

The equally legendary Stafford Paul had a more ambitious agenda in mind;

Bath itinerary

I made the Old Green Tree just as a mystery brewery delivered Paul’s supply of Grapefruit DIPA.

Mystery beer

Weirdly, the barrels have the same design on the side as this 1980 post-punk classic from Wah! Heat.

See the source image

The lobby is worth a Top 100 entry in its own right.


And business was already picking up at 11.35.

That’s what those hooks are for then
Hipster cordial, probably
BBB heaven

In the absence of Otter or Bass, there’s only one choice for BBB hardcore fans.

Only one choice

Paul, aka the Stafford Smiler had beaten me in, and was hiding in the back bar.  He’d  also gone for the Butcombe, What a #PubMan.


A fantastic natural foamy head on a classic pint (NBSS 4) rarely found in this good a condition.

The only time I’d been in this room before was on a Saturday afternoon when a clearly gorgeous pub was overrun by tourists.  At a more civil hour, with bench seating, warming fire, fresh flowers and a top landlord desperate to take a group photo of us, it was Pub Heaven.

“Do you want your photo taken ?”


We considered the Proper Pub lunch, but it’s important to drink on an empty stomach on trips like this, and also I had free cheese and wine to come at the Z Hotel.

All it lacks is Bass

We were joined by Jon (of Bass braces fame), who rather scandalously went straight for the Pitchfork,which I last saw (in Bungay, fact fans) in 2005. 

Paul notably slowed up, and a quick look at his hipster strapless Proper Watch told us it was time to go.

Time to go GBG ticking

The place was packed at noon.


18 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – OLD GREEN TREE, BATH

  1. Hooks under the bar.
    Another addition to what makes a perfect pub.
    If I’d said that 40 years ago I would have been kidding because drinking then was all about speed,agility and pulling birds.
    Nowadays I seem to have old man’s stuff with me like sensible coat,cap and a man bag.*

    * I’m joking,of course.It’s a Tesco carrier bag.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I hesitate to correct you but I was actually on the Butcombe not the Pitchfork.
    That very rare smile was because I knew we would soon be in the Star, not that there’s anything at all wrong with t’Old Green Tree.
    Oh, and my wife has since been into town to get a replacement strap fitted to my watch.


    1. Were you ? I would sue that retiredmartin for defamation.

      EDIT: Have fixed that. It was that rogue J. Benger Esq. who went for the RCH. I should never have doubted your good sense.


  3. I give Butcombe points for remaining committed to old-style pump clips rather than switching to the very disposable cardboard ones. In America the breweries create their own pump handles, which results in a quite cluttered looking row of handles at most bars these days: no two alike, and many of them so elaborate as to be faintly ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Original has replaced Bitter in the name but, of all the new breweries from the ’70s onwards, Butcombe probably carried on the longest brewing just one beer and that suggests it’s a good one.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “That’s what those hooks are for then”

    Bag ’em and tag ’em?


    Yes, you’ve already mentioned the beer (kidding!).

    “and a quick look at his hipster strapless Proper Watch told us it was time to go.”

    Hang on. His original agenda had you there till 1pm.

    “The place was packed at noon.”

    Ok, that explains the early departure. 😉



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