Our first official Northampton pub (Paul Mudge always has a head start in Spoons) was the only GBG entry that opened before midday, and you know how much we like our morning openers.

9 on the list, we did 11

Pleasingly, Paul managed to identify the former Fish, where Mrs RM and I spent a night in 1998 before buying a Ford Ka from Car Supermarket. See if you can see the clue.


There’s some handsome buildings in central Northampton, and some solid looking pubs.

The Optimist. Serves Greene IPA. AND Doom Bar

Perhaps nothing stunning, but I reckon BRAPA will warm to pubs like these when he gets on to the letter “N”. In about 2043 (if it’s not all micros and the Rifle Drum then).

Shirt sleeve Saints

The Wig & Pen would have been my automatic recommendation for the town; bustling, live music, good (mainly) national beer brands, CAMRA discount (joke). And some traditional seating with plenty of space for a large group of us.

Bench seating
Metal tables and beer mats

The rest of the group “ummed” and “aahed” over exotica like Hook Norton; I just went for the IPA.

Someone left their daft hat on the bar

We spent a good 45 minutes reintroducing ourselves, which isn’t strictly necessary when we’re all called Peter, Paul and Mary, but that’s the British for you.

Paul pretends to ignore my perfect half of IPA

The music lurched from “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s to whatever BeyoncΓ© was singing about (something about hair), with a Bauhaus tribute no doubt planned for later.

I guarantee Simon will enjoy his 27.5 minutes here, whether or not it coincides with football or dreadful rugby fans tipping up.

That Opening Times gets everywhere
Proper Blokes

But the star turn came from Jon, on day release from Devizes, who taunted us with a pair of Bass braces bought dead cheap from a local charity shop that morning.

Bass braces the subject of envy

I eyed them lustily, but Jon wasn’t selling. Cyndi Lauper began to sing the strangely appropriate “She Bop”, and it was time to move on. Perhaps we’d stumble across a Pedigree pashmina en route to the Olde England.


  1. “9 on the list, we did 11”

    Forgot to look closely on the previous post. By gum, it looks like most of the streets are named after people.

    “See if you can see the clue.”

    Well, I looked in ‘vane’ but I’m not sure ‘weather’ or not I found it. πŸ˜‰

    “In about 2043 ”

    Good lord! It’s gone up 20 years in just one post!

    “Someone left their daft hat on the bar”

    Whoever it was probably needs those glasses to find it. πŸ˜‰

    “bought dead cheap from a local charity shop that morning.”

    My better half loves shopping at the local thrift stores in town. Between cooking and gardening she doesn’t have to give a monkey’s if she ruins her clothing now. πŸ™‚



  2. Bugger.
    I now see that pesky Russ has beaten me to it.
    And here was me thinking he’d still be off listening to the sound of duelling banjos


    1. (whistles innocently)

      As for duelling banjos, pfft. Up here in the Pacific Northwest it’s nothing but a constant “hey how are you” over and over again*. πŸ™‚

      * – I can get away with that as my better half is a paid up Native American member πŸ˜‰


    2. And from the black lion clearly visible on the front of the building can anyone guess the old name of the Wig & Pen ?


  3. The Stockport CAMRA publication was only there because someone had a rucksack full of them. I took one home and it’s a very good magazine, if a little large in format. Personally I prefer the Leeds CAMRA New Full Measure which is a handy A5 size, although the bloke who edits it is a bit of a tw@t.

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