I told you there was loads of this stuff to get through.

Back to That South London, as recently discovered in that Deserter book you should buy, and the borough of Bexley, which makes a better blog title than Sidcup, where I left the train in the rain.


My hope weren’t high for the Hackney Carriage, your archetypal South-east London micro in a small row of shops flanked by funeral directors and the Chunky Teapot.

All human life and death is here

Sorry about the mess” is what you want to hear entering a pub at opening time. If you’re a PubMan.

Rare use of mop as prop

Our heroic Landlady had arrived to find a beer barrel had exploded, and soaked the floor.  For once, high tables looked a sensible furniture choice.

Bless her, she’d mopped up the worst AND opened on time.  Yes folks, opened a micro on time.  Awards will be given.

Sorry about the smell”   But it smelt of beer !

A nice little beer board.  Something for the Mrs RMs at 8.4%, something dark, and something relatively local.

Readable beer board

I’m not just saying this because I felt sorry for her, gamely chatting away and mopping up mess, but her Wealdway IPA beer was wonderful.  Cool, rich, complex.  An NBSS 4.5 for the ages.  I told you beer quality was on the up.

Photo doesn’t do it justice

Really great toilet art, too, most of which I can’t bring you.  Looking back at this, I do hope I didn’t go in the Ladies by mistake.



  1. All this “18 miles from THC” should perhaps be extended to include the ingredients.
    I might choose a “116 miles from THC” brewed with Kentish hops rather than an “18 miles from THC” brewed with New Zealand hops.

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  2. “My hope weren’t high for the Hackney Carriage,”

    Why is it called the Hackney Carriage when it’s in Sidcup and not Hackney?

    “All human life and death is here”

    I have a secret hope that beer will be the death of me. 🙂

    “Rare use of mop as prop”

    I would’ve assumed it was one of those avant garde art exhibits.

    ” But it smelt of beer !”


    “Readable beer board”

    And looking at the first one listed I can see why their toilet art (top photo) have a certain “theme”. 😉


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