When I listed opening times, taking your pint back and Bass braces as the most popular things on this blog, I inexplicably forgot London Murky.

Here’s some more London Murky, just for the Mudg(i)es.

And a map showing why I get so confused by geography.

The Prince.PNG
Note Premier League ground due for completion in 2021 if lucky

The Prince gets a listing under Wood Green this year, probably Ally Pally in 2020, then New White Hart Lane in 2021.

I hope it stays in.  The beer was great, it opened earlier than the GBG says, and the man on the sign reminded me of Mark E Smith (it’s not, it’s former Spurs manager Christian Gross, Prince of Passing).

Name that man.

It’s tucked away, close to Ally Pally but serving a fairly leafy bit of North London.

Not that hidden a path
Last days of Autumn

The big problem with London is that the pithy little bits of park give you nowhere for an emergency comfort break when you get off the tube, so you inevitably look like someone abusing the pub facilities when you rush in at 83mph, stopping only for the photo of the tiling.


Oh, the Prince of Wales

Owned by locals, run by the same folk as the Duke’s Head down the road.

Don’t laugh, Northerners, but these are decent prices for beer in N22.

All Coldwell’s favourites

Quite why I went for the weakest, and worst value, table beer I don’t know. Inexperience in the craft game.

All those strong ones and I go for a “table” beer

Perhaps I was keen to see what the mighty Almasty* could brew up at 3.2%.  I wasn’t expecting the full-on grapefruit murk, but was delighted nonetheless.

It felt about 4%, and scored about 3.5.  Not quite a session beer, but another winner.

What beer should look like

There were half a dozen in, mid-afternoon mid-week, which is as good as it gets in a lot of pubs not called Wetherspoons.


Better lighting than in Antic pubs, and more modern art.


But the same old handwash.


*From Newcastle, which is now sending murk to London, symbolically



30 thoughts on “THE PRINCE OF MURK

    1. Just that moment had Chris from Halifax telling us how good they are !

      Using my search engine on my own blog, I see had beer I enjoyed in the Morpeth micro and Sunderland Head of Steam last year. But then I like murk as well as clear Bass !


      1. I had some decent Tyne Bank murkish last week. Smash Wakatu. Alan the head brewer said it was good (he would) after I asked what Smash meant. Single Malt And Single Hop. You live and learn.

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  1. I’ve had some good beers from Almasty and the other two breweries pictured on the clips are top rate too. Totally empathise with the London toilet situation especially after a Tube journey. Had a disturbingly similar experience as you when doing that pub!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Name that man.”

    It looks a bit like Marlon Brando.

    “Not that hidden a path”

    Took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

    “give you nowhere for an emergency comfort break when you get off the tube,”

    You should think of getting one of those spout thingies that we saw at the end of the poster in the female loo in Bucharest. Of course you’d have to tape up the end for it to work properly for gentlemen.

    “Inexperience in the craft game.”

    Indeed. If you’re going to blather on about murk at least get the beer that has ‘hazy’ in its name.

    “What beer should look like”

    I take it back. That’s bloody murky enough!

    “But the same old handwash.”

    Funny that. Because the one on the left says ‘limited edition’. 😉


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  3. This is one of my almost-locals and the beer selection is always a bit of a lottery. Sometimes Five Points, Hammerton or Moor, but often four unpromising things you’ve never heard of.


  4. I have to say. most of the outstanding beers I have drank this year have been at least hazy, if not murky. And if I am going to be frank, I almost feel like smacking the next twit who holds up a pint of unfined and unfiltered beer proclaiming ‘IS IT MEANT TO BE LIKE THAT?’ It’s why the number of CAMRA young members is dwindling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But if pumpclips clearly stated “Intentionally Hazy” or “Intentionally Murky” you wouldn’t encounter so many twats holding up a pint of unfined and unfiltered beer proclaiming ‘IS IT MEANT TO BE LIKE THAT?’
      There are a number of reasons why the number of CAMRA young members is dwindling one being that youngsters don’t want to be associated with anything that, being named the Campaign for Real Ale, is so obviously of another age. Telling them that there’s actually nothing wrong with “high-quality” hazy or murky keg won’t change their minds.

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      1. Propose a motion at the AGM next April to rename CAMRA “The Crafties” and the number of CAMRA young members might stop dwindling !

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    2. But what are the suspended particles which cause the cloudiness? I’m guessing that they’re likely yeast, at least in part – if cask – and probably alive. If so, then I don’t want too many of the critters. There are better ways to be next day, than having a serious case of the jam tarts.

      Don’t get me started on the synaesthetics of the stuff either.


      1. That ‘old drinkers’ myth is pure fallacy. Yes, there are lots of things in a ‘bad’ pint that can upset your stomach – where bad equals gone off or infected with something that shouldn’t be there.


      2. Etu,
        Have a third pint or so of that murk and you should be aright but several pints of it and you’ll probably pebbledash the toilet when you get home.


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