No, not me.  Are you daft ?

Some of these posts are taking longer to write than I spent drinking in them now, though you may be interested to know the Brown Bear effort was knocked out in (literally) ten minutes in the McDonalds at East Markham on the A1. And it showed.

I’m not sure the Robin Hood, a steep climb up from the Christmas Steps into student and hospital land, deserves much more than ten minutes, but it was BRAPA heaven.

Sir Quinno, a man who knows Bristol and Proper Pubs, is clearly reflecting the gentrification of local pubs in this comment;

Just like Brighton, the Victorian shells remain but inside it’s often open-plan middle-class grazing. Plus quizzes.


A tight modern beer range still had more pumps than customers, but I’m not criticising anywhere that puts Moor on the bar, even a thin pub with some questionable seating choices.


Though labelling your beer list “Quench” is a bit of a giveaway.

The modern pub is obviously competing with the independent coffee shop* as a free office for the gig worker.  Not even a pint on the “desk“.

Yes, this is a pub

The Moor was cool and fruity if not sparkling, but a solid NBSS 3. Quite why it has to be served in a Purity glass remains a mystery.

Potential lacings emerging

Not wishing to take up a huge table all by myself, I took the high table, the perfect place at which to noisily eat a plate of excellent Bahn Mi and fries in full view of the couple on date night.  The ’70s soul couldn’t drown out their cheery chat.

Large Sauvignon Blanc and a Mango beer for £10.35.  Charge it to Project Calypso.

When the first thing you hear is “I’m from Bradford”  your ears prick up, don’t they?

“How do you know what beer to go for ?”

“I just liked the funny name”   Craft beer explained in six words.

He had electrical problems, she was a banker from Basingstoke, as the Smiths song goes. “She’s out of his league” thought BRAPA, by proxy, but he may have been wrong.

Pubs fuss about quizzes, and food trucks, and open-mic nights, when all they need to do is let you eavesdrop on young love to draw you to the pub.

As I left she was womansplaining a Bloody Mary, which probably means something very different in Bradford.




*Independent coffee shop = anagram of  lukewarm coffee provider


40 thoughts on “DATE NIGHT

  1. A “tight modern beer range” but at least Bristol hasn’t heard of tight sparklers to thrash the life out of any pint, or hadn’t last time I was there.

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      1. Bang-on point about conformity, Scott. What does indeed happen, when the two-a-penny, self-proclaimed “rebels” outnumber the derided “establishment”?

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      1. Scott,
        So the glasses take so long to look after that they’ve no time for the beer and that’s why it’s keg ?


      2. I’ve never been concerned with matching beer with the correct branded glassware.
        If I need to look at my glass to remember which beer I’ve bought then I’m sure I will have forgotten again by the time I’m on the way to the next pub.


      1. There’s not enough margin in the sale of the odd £60 cask to make it worth a brewery’s while to hand out freebies, you only tend to get the freebies with the purchase of a meaningful amount of beer. Ticker culture means that pubs tend not to buy that much beer from a single brewery unless you’ve got a tied line etc, hence no freebie glasses.


      2. Correct. And when CAMRA members did that at the Great British Beer Festival, they gave honours to Greene King IPA and Doom Bar. It’s only when they let dogma and politics blind them that members now declare those beers “dishwater”.

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  2. “Not even a pint on the “desk“.”

    That does look like an empty tulip style beer glass just behind the laptop.

    “Charge it to Project Calypso.”

    Hard to do when you keep forgetting to ask for a receipt. 🙂

    “As I left she was womansplaining a Bloody Mary, which probably means something very different in Bradford.”

    Even I wouldn’t try to perform a double-entendre on that!


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  3. “He had electrical problems, she was a banker from Basingstoke, as the Smiths song goes.”

    –Ha! I can practically hear Morrissey crooning it, and Johnny Marr’s jangly guitar making it sound a bit more meaningful than it actually is. 😉


  4. Martin, you need to think more carefully about your post titles, comment notifications for this one are turning up in my spam folder! Or does this say more about me?


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