A short break between trips down the M5/M50/A40 back in the flatlands, as I bring you a beer and food matching report from Cambridge.

The Southworth clan have just invaded Cambridge, so I was treating this as reconnaissance. And I like to visit all the local GBG entries each year.

So could the Kingston be as good as BRAPA remembered ?

Obligatory bike

Well I’ll say this. It was full of drinkers on Thursday lunchtime, or at least those weird IT freelancers that conduct their business from the bar.


It’s one of Cambridge’s best regarded boozers, and easy to forget just how tiny it is.

Hanging glasses

I like the fact they stick to the knitting here. Well regarded family brewer stuff like Brewers Gold, Summer Lightning and Wherry.

And lunches for a fiver.

I picked the homemade cottage pie.

Don’t do that any more mate

Yes they do, they’re keeping it for themselves” said my new best mate.

Ask about the parsley sauce“. I didn’t.

NBSS.3,5, looks better

It took ages to come. I’d finished a cool Brewers Gold (NBSS 3.5) and was on to the Wherry before the pie arrived.

A vegetarian cottage pie.

What ?

That minor quibble aside, it was a superb homemade lunch.

A soundtrack of “How Soon Is Now“, banter about tape collections of “Around the Horne“. Very middle-class Cambridge, comfortingly so.

Worth a try

The Wherry was the usual dull nothingness, or is it me ?

I resisted the Summer Lightning. Some didn’t.

The 3 pint lunch lives.


Weird toilets

The banter turned to Sir Cliff. It was time to go. If this was in Lincolnshire, it would be a classic. In Cambridge, its just another good pub.


  1. Based on the two we visited Cambridge is a strong pub town. Good beer and environment. My first trip to Cambridge in almost ten years and it was even better than I remembered it. Can’t hold a candle to Waterbeach though.

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      1. Totals still being computed. I believe 140 pints or so in around 20-25 pubs. Not too bad with one non beer member. Some good beers too. Whitby had nice variety. And I do like me some Broadside.


  2. “Hanging glasses”

    I’m on tenter’hooks’ waiting to see which one snuffs it first.
    (yeah, ok, weak sauce I’ll agree)

    “A vegetarian cottage pie.”

    Ah. So not the recipe that includes Hansel and Gretel then.

    “Weird toilets”

    From the photo then, do you pee up and the metal is somehow magnetised for urine?

    “If this was in Lincolnshire, it would be a classic. In Cambridge, its just another good pub.”

    Thus the age old saying; location, location, location. ๐Ÿ™‚


    * – In my defense I’m all scratched up after a supposed short walk turned into blackberry picking, without the bloody proper clothing!


  3. I’m trying to get my head round ” Free Internet Access if you buy something at the bar for ยฃ1 or more ”
    Pie looks lovely.


  4. Hi,I’m a 40-year-old unmarried guy into beer and role play.I have Mudgie on speed dial.Swipe right if you wanna meet up for Bass and pork scratchings.

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