Back at the terrifying underpass at Newport Station at 7pm, I had a few choices after checking in at the Spoons.

  1. Train to Cardiff to join a crowd of 7 million celebrating the TdF with Brains in a plastic cup.
  2. Go to bed, listen to Brexit debate over a Chinese takeaway.
  3. As 2), but find Sam Smiths first.IMG_20170217_191403.jpg
  4. As 2), but find Bass first in the Pen and Wig.
Antique sign
Found it

Sadly, I spent two minutes standing at the bar being ignored by staff engaged in something more important than me.  Of course, if there had been a proper queueing system I ‘d have been fine.

So I abandoned my plans and set off for a pre-emptive tick.

The town centre was deserted, apart from families transformed to stone as they turned to look at craft being delivered to the Tiny Rebel bar.


Checking What Pub, I find only one option for a pre-emptive tick.


You can tell the Cellar Door is on the “alternative” street by the company it keeps;

It’s a cheese shop – geddit ?

No sign (it’s a micro) but I don’t think you’ll miss it.

Bijou outdoor seating

It’s a bit chaotic for a Sunday night, which I like, and folk move up to give me a seat, which I love.

Cluttered bar top of your dreams

Being adventurous, I went for the middle one, hand written clip and all. Ten points for correct identification.  It was a decent BBB in the Cotleigh style (NBSS 3.5).

As you’ll see, this isn’t quite your usual micro mob, perhaps reflecting the music.  It had more than a touch of Burton’s Last Heretic, though without the ritual CAMRA magazine burning.

Eagle-eyed readers may note that I thereby turned down both Oracle AND Sarah Hughes Mild.  I’ll be staying in Wolves, a mile from the Beacon, on Monday night, so I may be able to rectify that error.

Pints !

Now, there are 3 sure signs of the End of Times a certain future GBG entry.

  • It’s a micro
  • It’s just won a CAMRA award
  • It’s got a folkie singing Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You”

Full house.

Perhaps the most modernist of toilet signs so far.  I’m sure Mudgie will approve.


I finished at Red Hot Goodness, a Chinese takeaway too far.

Don’t mistake value for quality

Five trips to Newport in 18 months.  That’s more time than I spend at home.

NB Breakfast at Parc Pantry on Malpas Road rather than Spoons.  How good is this mango DIPA with paper straw ?



  1. “I’ll be staying in Wolves, a mile from the Beacon, on Monday night”. Is that because the Great Western and Stile once a year isn’t enough or because there’s GBG pubs thereabouts you’ve not yet done ? ,


      1. Okay, so I’ll be in the Hooded Ram from 6pm tomorrow, I shall expect you within about an hour and we can take it from there.
        My wife has nothing planned tomorrow evening so after the curry could drive the three of us round a couple of pubs if that would be helpful.


  2. Good post and statue. Will be in Cardiff and Gwent for annual non league Groundhop later this month and was wondering if there was anywhere new so thanks for the info. Beezelbub is new in Cardiff. Any other pre-emptives?


      1. Last year it did though I was already in Cardiff by then and relied on emergency extracts sent by carrier pigeon. That was the earliest ever so not holding out too much hope it will be repeated.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Given the few clues and location, shall take a guess at Glog by Bragdy Twt Lol (Trefforest Brewery) which is under 20 miles away.


  4. “As 2), but find Sam Smiths first.”

    You were going to go to bed in the Sam Smiths then?

    “Of course, if there had been a proper queueing system I ‘d have been fine.”

    Nah. With five pumps it would have been ‘orf’, like most you’ve had lately.

    “apart from families transformed to stone as they turned to look at craft being delivered to the Tiny Rebel bar.”

    I think that’s just the latest from Tobacco Control trying to show the evils of Cannabis.

    “It’s a cheese shop – geddit ?”

    And according to Streetview they’re keeping up the tradition of punny names as before them it was Snacks Above the Tracks. 😉

    “No sign (it’s a micro) but I don’t think you’ll miss it.”

    At least they took down the previous sign indicating it was County Computers.

    “Cluttered bar top of your dreams”

    Was the Pellegrino can so you could tip Leila Dee for her CDs?


    Not sure if that should be Whomever but… whatever. 🙂

    “a Chinese takeaway too far.”

    Ooh. Was that a bridge joke? 😉

    “with paper straw ”

    Thank goodness it’s not a plastic one!



  5. Arrived in Newport tonight after a packed 5 hour train journey from Durham, and I can’t remember the last time I was so scared to be walking round on my own! NBSS 4 Abbot at the Queens (the Rev James went off), 4000dB music and craft at Tiny Rebel, and the prospect of greater Sam Smiths yet to come are some consolation. My accommodation is an aparthotel (nope, me neither) on the 9th floor of an office block, and its BYOB (bring your own breakfast). As soon as my meeting is over in the morning I’m going straight to Bristol!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well it’s not quite how I expected to spend the penultimate Sunday before Christmas but it’s certainly an adventure! There’s no place like home, though… Had to save the micro for next time due to micro opening hours (!) but Sam’s was excellent.

        Liked by 1 person

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