A fifth post squeezed out of Penrith, and rightly so. It was pub heaven (can wait), right down to the little craft bar I popped in to give Mrs RM full value from her time in Spoons.

Penrith awaits legendary pub town status

Two years ago this place was the trad-sounding Moo Bar, now it’s got the quirky Fell Bar as a moniker, but seems to be coping with that burden.


Closed last year for a while, it’s now the most certain of pre-emptive ticks. Cask at £3 a pint too #CheapBeerRules.


Yes, To Øl , to go along with painted toe nails in the Dockray.

You can see what I had. It was great.  I’ve no idea what fruit Simcoe is, but it’s always a good bet.  You could have been in Leeds.  Let that sink in.

Mrs RM texted me to ask where I was, so it was fortunate I just around the corner.  20minutes later we were back in the Crown where the Landlord was playing doms with the locals.  He got up to fetch us a pint, and the Thai chef took over his hand (is it called a hand ?)

Proper Pub, right down to Gary Lineker on the TV

Sensing the public was the centre of the bants, we resisted an invitation to eat in a very old-fashioned panelled restaurant.

I wouldn’t say he was pissed, just a little unsteady

When you fall over, I’m there to pick you up

Shaqiri on steroids.  That’s not steroids, that’s haemorrhoids

Another round, Gentleman ?  I use the term loosely

Next door the Friday Salsa class were in full flow.  “Music to hang yourself to” confided our Landlord, one of the very best.

Lady at front counting pennies out for her orange juice

For posterity, and in honour of our Chicago reader, I’ve recorded here a legendary dessert menu.


Following up (excellent) Thai Green Beef Curry with Spotted Dick & Custard isn’t advised, even as part of a cruel social experiment.

The pint of Youngers was more sensible, a reminder of the days when Caffrey’s ruled the world.


Five great, and very varied pubs in Penrith.  A Proper Pub town.


  1. I have tried Spotted Dick and custard here(canned) and, of course, it does not come close to the true version. 53-55 are all winners in my book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Another round, Gentleman ? I use the term loosely” –Ha! I do love that someone can say something funny in a pub in England, and thanks to, they’ve got someone laughing about it over here in the States.

    Also chuckled at your line “even as part of a cruel social experiment.” 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. “It was pub heaven (can wait)”

    (slow golf clap)


    I like some of the Notes; such as the Stooot and Guess. 🙂

    “I’ve no idea what fruit Simcoe is, but it’s always a good bet.”

    Pftt. The Tahoe was the fruit. Yours was the hoppy one.


    Yes but it’s incomplete. It doesn’t where Dick was spotted with the custard.*


    PS – “Sesnsing the public”

    That’s a Thai word, innit?

    * – and even that’s incomplete. Does it mean Dick was spotted with custard down by the docks for example, or did they spot part of him covered with custard?


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