The added “e” on Malcom increases the authenticity

There are times when this blog feels like a collection of photos of mobility scooters, inappropriate glassware, perfumed hand wash and unconvincing tribute acts.

But isn’t that pretty much life ? *

So what’s a Friday night out in Penrith like ?


Well, start in the newish (non-GBG) Spoons and find out.

Always start at the Spoons

This former nightclub has kept the folk who dress up and added the folk like us who dress down, a winning combination.

Casuals at the high stools
Scruffs at the bar
Rare sight of English outdoor drinking

At the bar I admired a fabulous looking pint of ale belonging to the bloke next to me, and got my last two Spoons vouchers ready.

“What are you drinking Sir ?”

That’s John Smiths Smooth. £1.99, you can’t whack** it !”

Yes you can, mate.  My two pints cost £1.79 with beard club  discount.  Actually, I had the two Locales.  They were decent enough, but the Wainwright was winning the battlefor the wooden spoon on the bar.


Mrs RM, showing extreme levels of disregard for sensible drinking rules, sent me back to the bar for the Manager’s Special.

Did Jamaica.  No she drunk themof her own accord

Rum and coke for £1.49, you can’t whack that. I bought her two and left her to watch the World Cup while I went off to find my GBG tick. And use the WiFi of course. If she ordered herself a chocolate fudge cake I never found out.

Odd spherical object still there


*It’s coming home.

**Never heard that before.


  1. With regards to the OS map; not quite sure why it just says “Castle (rems of)” with the name Penrith at the front. 😉

    “This former nightclub has kept the folk who dress up and added the folk like us who dress down, a winning combination.”

    It’s like Upstairs, downstairs, only on the same floor. 🙂

    “Did Jamaica. No she drunk them of her own accord”

    Almost missed that. (slow golf clap)

    “Odd spherical object still there”

    It does look bigger than usual in that photo.


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  2. You really have created a collection of “unconvincing tribute act” photos by now; to see them all side by side would be both hilarious and (if you stop to think about them for a bit) profoundly sad. 😉

    I remember a friend advocating for the idea of ordering rum & cokes years ago: “The rum makes you a little tired, but then the Coca-Cola wakes you up.”

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    1. I’ve never seen the sense in tribute acts, convincing or not.
      Either you were there when there was proper music or you have sadly missed out.
      It’s as bad as a microbrewery of different owners using different ingredients in different premises for a lighter coloured, stronger and hoppier beer that’s passed off with a name and trademark lifted from a fifty year old beermat.

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    2. Mark,
      That comment about rum and cokes reminds me of Jeffrey Bernard who was well known in the Coach and Horses, Greek Street and one distinguished consultant is said to have introduced Jeff to a group of medical students with the words “This is Mr. Bernard who closes his arteries every day with 60 cigarettes and opens them up again with two bottles of vodka.”

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      1. Martin,
        You could do worse than Stafford’s Coach and Horses.
        It’s a “Craft Union” pub, which of course means Enterprise, and the cask beers are £2 a pint.
        The last two times I’ve had Wychwood Hobgoblin, not my favourite from the Marston’s portfolio, and GK’s Bo66y.

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