Pub No.2 for the Taylors and the Tim was the Chequers, one of only a few real Oxford classics (in my humble opinion).


Look, it even says “Historic Pub” on the door !

Mudgie in first as usual

With cobbled courtyard, breweriana and proper pub sign, the Chequers was an instant highlight (again).   Mrs RM was reminded of the alleyway to the Coopers Tavern, I thought instantly of the rather less impressive Eagle in Cambridge.


Almost baronial is style, it’s clearly a big tourist draw on the High Street, and probably listed in Fodors as well as a certain beer guide.

Flags !!

Except that a medieval baronial hall wouldn’t have table football.

Very much in keeping

But that’s one of the few questionable moves, as it felt quite pubby and not at all dominated by diners.  I might have felt differently had Mrs RM not nabbed the last big table upstairs.  Nabbing tables is a particular skill Mrs RM has honed over many years.

Run by Nicholsons, so you can probably guess the cask range, but I only had eyes for one beer;

Foamy Pedigree

On first sip it was very good indeed, a hug foamy pint (NBSS 3.5).  By the end, when a few other folk had said it was “OK”, I’d noted some soapy notes* and knocked a half mark off.

But the pub was a star, with music both quieter and more interesting than St Aldates.

As I’ve had so many requests, here’s another picture of our Mudgie, pictured alongside the great Paul Mudge (proving they’re not the same person).

Mudge & Mudgie

On the way out, another highlight; finding the loos are tucked in an outside courtyard always a joy, even when they’re not freezing.



*I’ve no idea what that means.


      1. “Russ thinks Bass is a fish. As do most of my neighbors.”

        Pfft. I thought it was that tree they make decent bass guitars out of; you know, the bass-wood tree. 🙂

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      1. If they met there, there would have been nowhere the relationship could go. Now we know it went from Great Offley to Burton and finally Greater Waterbeach. There’s a story here.

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      1. I haven’t been in any Oxford pubs that drew me back to the city. I do find the city incredibly pretty though. Both Oxford and Cambridge, better known as Southwest Waterbeach, are in my opinion really pretty. Kind of like my college town…

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  1. “Ancient”

    Love the sign where they mention the 2 times that they drink beer. 🙂

    “and more interesting than St Aldates.”

    It certainly looks it. Historic indeed. (thumbs up)


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  2. I too.am an expert table bagger -it’s a girl thing -& always make sure a table is passed on to a likeminded lady who has been eyeing the table up as pints are drained -usually passed on with the witty comment “I’ve warmed it up for you ” Oh how they laugh


  3. Martin,
    If you met in a hospital staff canteen things could only get better. I met my wife in the Anchor at High Offley.
    Is it me or the other Mudgie that looks to be superimposed ?
    “I’ve warmed it up for you ” suggests you sit on tables rather than chairs !

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      1. Pauline,
        Nowt wrong with that.
        Many tables now are actually lower, and therefore more comfortable to sit on, than the posing chairs that hipster’s pubs have now.
        In time the distinction might be lost as tables and chairs merge into just one piece of furniture, a bit like ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gents’ toilets having gone from micropubs.

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  4. Martin,
    No, not swum to the Anchor but walked along the tow path many times.
    But isn’t hospital canteen food mostly microwaved ?
    I remember at the Anchor many years ago someone ordered a cheese sandwich ( no need for a menu when cheese sandwiches are all anyone needs ) and after a “yes, please” to “would you like onion in it” Olive went out to the garden for an onion, but that’s what you might almost expect in the most Proper of Proper Pubs.

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  5. I’ve got to say those “coat of arms” structures extending from the walls do seem a little touristy to me– do you see that sort of thing often? Reminds me of German-themed restaurants here in the US: trying maybe just a little too hard to make you feel like you’re in Bavaria. 😉

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