Parbold is one of those magical villages that seems to produce a new Beer Guide entry every year, just as you think you must have been to all the pubs there.

Spot the Skem

Parbold GBG

Oh, I have.  Quite impressive for a village of 2,582 to have all 4 pubs in the Beer Guide in recent years.  Some commentators might suggest a degree of Guide rotation, I couldn’t possibly comment on that practice.

Parbold is a joy for the pub tourist, and the adventurous traveller, with the joys of Skelmersdale on your doorstep.  Perhaps less for the beer bore, though I did get Tetley on my last visit.

Anyway, it’s (still) raining as I leave the station, so I’ll spare you more photos of Our Lady and All Saints, but this is a pretty village in the West Lancs tradition, if not quite as bucolic as Bispham Green.

Luckily the Windmill isn’t hard to find.

Dead Windmill
Rain. In Lancashire.

Fine Food & Ales” rather gives the game away, doesn’t it.  A coupleof Old Boys at the bar, but otherwise this could be Brunning & Price.


An undeniably attractive pub, with the sort of fire you need to dry you out today.

Your stereotypical roaring fire

There’s the sort of beer range (and prices) you find in B&P, too.

All your favourites

A good coffee and half of the house beer is nearly a fiver.  You’re not in Wigan now, Sir.

Advice for young pub tickers – never go for the house beer. It’s made in a shed somewhere rather than a nice beer factory in Chiswick or Wolves. (NBSS 2.5).

Frothy house beer

A wholly unremarkable visit was redeemed, as so often, by a trip to the Gents.  Straight out of the Brunning & Price mould, but with some nice local touches.

They were Champions that year, unlike 2013-14

No Bass memorabilia, but sometime a Wm Younger is all you need.

Younger every day











  1. “A wholly unremarkable visit was redeemed, as so often, by a trip to the Gents.”

    There are so few blogs where this statement is completely normal…

    I do love your writing though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grief. I didn’t look at that list. I was just surprised a black coffee and half of house beer cost £4.50 ish. Must make their money from coffees (excellent to be fair). The clientele were very B&P..


      1. Have I shared my theory of The Blonde Ratio? It says that other than in parts of Yorkshire where the Vikings got particularly randy, the incidence of natural blondes is pretty constant across the country. However the incidence of apparent blondeness varies considerably with disposable income and vanity.

        Thus a high Blonde Ratio is a good indication that you’re either in an urban BnP or Wilmslow.


  2. “Spot the Skem”

    Not a clue. (but then, I’m knackered from running my wife’s lunch truck while she recuperates)

    Whoever did the real ale price list got dyslexic at the end. The first 3 are £/% while the last two have it the other way round. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

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