A terrific mix of pubs so far this year.  Each time the new GBG “drops” (ugh) I’m amazed at how many traditional pubs enter the Guide. Unless you’re in Kent, when there are maximum size restrictions for new entrants to the good book,


And it’s good to see Golborne follow Newton-le-Willows into the Guide with a genuinely charming old-fashioned dining pub.


The Queen Anne has that reassuring Tetley sign (pre-Wolves), but is otherwise unassuming on the outside.

Inside, it was packed.   Average age 67.3, no other drinkers, the smell of meat (not cabbage) wafting through the beams.


There’s quite a few cheap and cheerful dining pubs along the A580; this one is more classy, comparable to the canalside pubs near Burscough.  It’s close to Haydock Park but none of these gentlefolk had been at the races.

Fresh flowers, low stools, Grandfather clock set at Volume 11.  All present and correct.

When gentlefolk make up your custom, you put on cask beer they’ve heard of.

Are these quality ?  CAMRA will decide

Someone “braved” the Rev James, so I did too.  Only 3 beers on but the barman still had to turn them round to see which one that was.  Wait till they have ten craft pumps on.

Reverend is an odd beer, attracting a bit of a cult following well out outside Brains-land.  A bit like Doom Bar with taste, this was unexpectedly superb NBSS 3.5+.

If you’re going to stock cask, make sure it’s this good.  Good spot, South East Lancs CAMRA.

Smell of beef only available to scratch’n’sniff subscribers

The “humour” was a bit lame, unless you’re called Irene and 73.  But that model bar (top) is absolutely gorgeous. I want one for my shed.




  1. “Tets”

    I thought Tetley was a tea?

    “There’s quite a few cheap and cheerful dining pubs along the A580”

    Pfft. Doesn’t compare to the A514. (heh)

    “But that model bar (top) is absolutely gorgeous. I want one for my shed.”

    Agreed; though it may be hard to keep it open 24 hours. 😉

    And I love that last “diet” sign. Will relay that sentiment to my better half (who is currently on yet another diet). (sigh)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. There were quite a few drinkers there when Simon and I called in this afternoon. No doubt Simon will give you a more detailed report in the fullness of time. The nearby Traveller’s Rest at Lowton is in similar vein.


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