My penultimate Greater Manchester tick came in Standish, a place I’ve always mentally put in Lancashire (don’t start, Mudgie).

Better inside than out

Hoot Standish (presumably there’ll be a branch in Hooton soon) sounds very micro in the description, but with 3 major advantages over the usual Herne franchise.


1) It sells lager, so everyone feels comfortable, rather than excluded. You’ll see folk below and above the usual 50-65 age range here, some with bobble hats. Ever seen a bobble hat in Herne ?


2) Though small,there’s a good mix of seating so you can hide away with your Ale Cry and not feel obliged to talk about other new micros or how dreadful Spoons are.

Sensible headgear

3) Pies and cheese. Not your usual feeble micro effort but a full cabinet of the things, full of calorific goodness.

Proper food

I loved it. Cheery barmaid, decent Silver Tally from up the road, owls in the ceiling, blankets for the cold, Randy Crawford on the stereo (guess the song).

Only one more Greater Manc tick. Ashton-in-Makerfield here I come !

30 thoughts on “THREE HOOTS FOR STANDISH !

      1. You would stick it with Wigan 3 miles down the road which is fiercely in Lancashire….(I know you Know Martin ;-)) Despite passing this place every day going to work I`ve never fancied it – it used to be a take-away where once I got the sheeite`s from.
        I take it you mean The Caledonian in A-i-M ? Now that is a proper pub !

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      2. Manchester is a third rate Wigan. London is a fifth rate Luton.

        Were there butter pies? If not the place should be exterminated. Everywhere in the area of Preston, Bolton and Wigan should have butter pies.

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      3. Not sure. People who live there think they live in Wigan (pronounced WiginExcellent article wIth some considered commentary. A couple of Sunday’s ago I was dragged to Monks cross shopping centre, it was heaving, despite there being numerous outlets, you couldn’t get a seat anywhere in a coffee house. At 3.30 I was deposited outside my local (the busiest of three in our village). Guess what, exactly the self same faces from 20 years ago, depleted to a dozen at most, and there was a football match on. Disposable income doesn’t really come into play, it’s an affluent area. Modern cafe bar, less than a mile away – you couldn’t get in the door. Whether we like it or not, people just don’t want to go to the traditional boozer anymore.). Never heard anyone say they live in Manchester. I’m not sure what Greater Manchester’s meant to be, apart from a land grab for most of east Lancashire?

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  1. I forgot to mention a bit of trivia – it is called The Hoot because of the owl depicted in the Standish coat of arms… In fact there`s a dining pub not far away called The Owls. zzzzz

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  2. “owls in the ceiling”

    Well of course. That’s where they roost innit? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Sensible headgear”

    If it’s below freezing, yes. If it’s raining, no. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And was that your beer at the high table? I thought you were against them (or was that someone else)?


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