I didn’t really want to write up Mytholmroyd, mainly because I always spell it wrong and have to keep looking at Bing Maps.  Why can’t places be called easy-to-spell things like Llandrindod Wells and Balaruminmore ?

The other advantage of my central Halifax hotel was proximity to the station, with a cheap day return to Myth..etc, with Sowerby on the way back. I could have gone all the way to Hebden but I’d had enough excitement for one day. And people fuss about the Pennine Rail Trail.

Beautiful OS extract here

Myth (or t’Royd to its mates) suffers from tough competition on both sides, but it’s made a decent effort around the station, which is all you can ask.

Clay Works

I feel like I’ve been to Myth more times than I actually have; that’s because the Beer Guide occasionally sticks the in cyclist stops on Cragg Vale just to confuse us pub tickers.

Dusk over Myth
Glorious Rochdale Canal
Dead pub

This is a “solid” village, a guarded compliment if ever I gave one.  At least GBG stalwart (until this year, anyway) the Shoulder of Mutton sells Black Sheep, so you know you’ve not inadvertently slipped into Greater Manchester yet.

Dusk falls on Myth

I had 30 minutes before the train back via Sowerby, enough time to run out of footpath twice, buy a packet of turkey bites for 31p (75% off) and realise the new GBG entry wasn’t going to be a micro pub.  Perhaps uniquely in Calderdale.

Under the bridge

Saying that, What Pub has some exciting news that looks like it might drag me back here again soon.

Myth WhatPub.PNG

Yes, a brewery tap with the generous opening hours,

Closed Mon-Thu; 3-7 Fri; Closed Sat & Sun

as well as bars called Aux Delices, Libertine and the WMC.

I then saw the barber I’d stopped at last time I was here (£8 for a tidy-up).  Note the complete absence of a pavement outside David Paul.  It keeps the population numbers under control.

Cheap barber

In fact, hairdressers and chippies dominate Myth to such an extent that you’d think you were in Lancashire, not West Yorks.

Bigger on the outside, the Dusty Miller

I’m a bit reluctant to write about the Dusty Miller, as it seemed to be undergoing a period of transition.  What looks like the biggest pub in Calderdale from the outside does a reverse-Tardis once you step inside what feels like a building site.

Beer not actually served in coffee mugs.   Yet.

3 beers on the bar, 3 Old Boys watching a BBC drama* and sharing chips in the living room, accompanied from time to time by the cheery Landlady.

I guess 3 Old Boys is as much as you can hope for at 3pm on a Friday, and it was a relaxed atmosphere I warmed to, unlike some very average Nettlethrasher which I wanted to leave but was too embarrassed to.

I only come out for a pint and a chat. I’ve got 50 cans of Carling at home” said OB1. I presume they were a Christmas present.

You can’t wear a cloth cap round here anymore” said OB2, mysteriously.

Hettie Wainwright-style BBC drama the centre of attention

Anyway, here’s the sign to the Clog Factory you’ve been waiting for.



*Russ will be able to identify it



10 thoughts on “BBC DRAMA & CHIP SHARING IN t’ROYD

  1. “*Russ will be able to identify it”

    LOL. Sadly I only do commercials. 🙂

    “Why can’t places be called easy-to-spell things like Llandrindod Wells and Balaruminmore ?”

    Completely agree. Over here we get tricky ones like Comox instead of easy ones like Chinguacousy and Tuktoyaktuk. 😉

    “It keeps the population numbers under control.”

    Pfft. Judging by the photo there is a “safe zone” (i.e. the yellow criss-cross lines) right outside where folks can’t be run over.

    “Dusk over Myth” and “Dusk falls on Myth”

    I was eagerly awaiting the third and final photo entitled “Dusk has fallen on Myth”.

    “Anyway, here’s the sign to the Clog Factory you’ve been waiting for.”

    Is that where they make those toilets that don’t flush?


    PS – I was going to guess Father Brown for the BBC Drama; but that ends before 3pm. 🙂


  2. So the brewery tap is open for 4 hours on Friday and closed every other day of the week?! That might be a new record. I’m guessing there’s an asterisk, revealing the qualification that they’re closed the first, second, and third Fridays of every month.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Said it before AND I’ll no doubt say it again and again. TV’s in a pub tap room (only) are acceptable for the purpose of watching live sport and significant national and global events – Royal Weddings, God forbid, unfolding disaster and the like. At all other times they should be turned off. On no account should they play in the background showing soap operas, dramas and the like – this is just wrong and is essentially electronic wallpaper for alkies.

    I don’t watch a great deal of mainstream TV at home and I definitely don’t want to see it in the pub! I would go so far as to say that a large proportion of the pubs that are closing/closed are the sort of pub that has the TV blaring out permanently as background wallpaper.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Beer ? Are you quite mad ?

        Have a look at BRAPA’s brilliant new post on Northallerton, he doesn’t even mention what beer he had in the Oddfellows. It’s like Zidane, football without the ball.


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