Look. A visit to a pub so new it’s not in the Beer Guide. Let’s hope it gets in next year, eh ?

More towns that Southerners have never heard of. Mind you some of them have never even heard of Stockport, Mudgie.

Actually, Chapeltown is an authentic suburb of Sheffield, and at least gets listed under the city in the Guide these days.  It looks pretty self-standing to me.

Brad lives here

This green bit of South Yorkshire between Sheffield and Barnsley is prime “Proper Pub” territory, with Guide entries in posh Wentworth, less posh Thorpe Hesley and Harley, and the wonderland that is Hoyland.

Chapeltown has one GBG regular that could well be in my Top 100 if I time my necessary follow-up visit when it’s actually open.

A minor classic

I do like a pub that keeps its Guide stickers in the window;

Show ’em yer badges !

In fairness it was only closed because I tipped up at 11, when my choice is Spoons or Spoons.

Some interesting architecture on the way from the station, including the usual future micro pubs;

Cue Ball
Obvious future micro behind ASDA

The Wagon & Horses has retained some of the Waggon’s pubbiness, including one obvious sign of a “Proper Pub”.  Not sure where the other “g” went though.

Hey, High Class Mobility Scooter man

My notes say

It’s Christmas  !!!”

which presumably refers to Rocking Rudolph’s flashing nose rather than the playlist, as Spoons don’t play music, do they ?


Another test of underlying Spoons quality here, and a pretty strong local cask line-up.  I like the Acorn and Bradfield beers, even if they are written off as Boring Brown Bitters on Discourse.

Some of the cheeriest service I’ve had in a Spoons, and one of the best Eggs Royale.  The Belgian Blue is a good beer well kept, but not really a breakfast drink.


Lively head


I’ve rarely had more staff speak to me in a pub than in here, that’s South Yorkshire for you.  They probably thought I was from Watford.

Lovely place, nice loos, no competition for the Commercial.



    1. Yes it was and every sheet at school said ‘Now Wash Your Hands’ and “WRCC’ (West Riding County Council for those too young or alien to know). You had to wash your hands anyway because as you say, it didn’t achieve the intended outcome and what it had meant to remove was now all over your fingers! I guess the super prematurely aged amongst us will no doubt say that ‘Things were a lot better back in those days.’

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  1. Stansted Spoons update Hobgoblin,Doom Bar,Abbot,Otter Claus,Rosey Nosey and Titanic Plum Porter.
    And,after much discussion and subsequent searching,the antipodean barmaid finally located a rusty old sparkler for the excellent pint of Otter.
    I know all this because I had to good sense to take a picture on my ‘phone,The rest of the afternoon is a hazy memory of alcoholic tomfoolery in the Square Mile.


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