Not exactly a shock that the other Nottingham Guide newbie was another micro; the only surprise there’s not dozens of them in the suburbs yet.

Nottingham Brew.PNG

A Room with a Brew is relatively central, 5 minutes walk up Derby Street from the staggeringly expensive  “4500 miles from Delhi” curry house and the grotesque (not the same as brutalist) Strathdon hotel.

Mrs RM recognised it as a micro from a mile away

Derby Road seems slightly more upmarket on each visit, and this Scribblers Tap is clearly a bit of a destination pub.

“Should it look like that ?”

Is there something wrong with my gin ?” is the sort of question you expect to hear in Clapham rather than a Notts micro.

The in-pub library caters for more refined tastes too.

Wot no Tale of Two Cities ?

But that’s a compliment, not a criticism.

“Where’s my beer ?, useless husband”

A good mix of the sexes, the ages, and drinking preferences; that’svwhat a good pub should have.  In that respect, this could have been a Wetherspoons.

Bonus point for well-behaved canine

You’ll see Mrs RM chose the weird low seats rather than the high seats where her feet don’t touch the floor.

2 pints, Pipers crisps, local banter, Heaven

I can even forgive the odd seating; the place had a rare warmth you get from groups of friends and couples in a pub, as opposed to a pub-diner.

But best of all, the beer.  Cheerily served Rubecca and IPA, cool and tasty in thick pint glasses, at £2 each.

We reduce all our beers to £2 on Sunday so they don’t hang around in the pipes till Wednesday

It’s very rare I comment on cask selling like hotcakes.  It was here.  Makes you thinks about the real ale hanging around in allthe other pubs closed Mon-Wed though, doesn’t it ?






  1. According to their website they open at 5 on Tuesday, good job you never timed your visit then or you might’ve drawn another blank.


  2. “Should it look like that ?”
    Considering that it appears she’s forgotten her socks I don’t think she normally has time to see what her gin looks like. 🙂

    “a rare warmth you get from groups of friends and couples in a pub, as opposed to a pub-diner.”
    Nice turn of phrase that. Well done.

    As for the hand cooked potato chips (crisps?) in the first photo; you must have thicker skin than we do over here. I couldn’t see myself sticking my hands into a fryer or oven to cook anything! (LOL)


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  3. I think you will find that ALL the GBG entries for Leeds are open 7 days a week, none later than mid-day opening. I don’t know what you’re doing bothering with all these little village pubs with their quaint opening hours and tapped casks sitting idle in (often not) a cellar for days at a time?


    1. Yes i will bite back to that,i know you are taking the piss about Nottingham being a village,it is a large city with a big conurbation,not has big as Leeds,but we do have two Football clubs,a Test Cricket ground,Ice Hockey stadium and lots of other types of entertainment.
      There are loads of proper good pubs to visit,what is not to like about the City.
      I will be out of action soon and probably not be back until after Christmas,when hopefully i will become a proper keyboard warrior.


  4. For your imminent little foreign jaunt, AFAIK it’s not unusual for the more specialist US beer bars to have “kick the keg” Sunday offers to drain the less popular offerings in order to put a fresh selection on for the new week. Worth checking ahead with wherever you end up staying.

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  5. Scribblers Brewery who run that micro pub brew their beer just up the hill from us on a side street.
    More useless information.


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